Bad Parenting

Everyone thinks about the time that they are going to become a parent. It seems all lovely and nice until you grow older and things turn out to be different. Oftentimes not everyone in the world is not fit to be the perfect parent like expected. Although part of the American dream is to become a parent, career oriented people, narcissistic people, people who live with substance abuse, and people who suffer from mental illness should never become parents.

The first type of person who should not become a parent is a career-oriented person. It's not that they will be bad parents, it's just that they will not have time to be a parent. The career-oriented parent will always be traveling around for different work reasons. They will not have time to tend to their child like a child need to be cared for. Children need a stable parent to care for them because they can't care for themselves, and a career-oriented person can't do that because they are always moving any and everywhere. A career-oriented parent can often leave their child to feeling neglected, but there are even worse parents than them.

The narcissistic parent is the next kind of person who should not be a parent. This selfish and conceited person is easy to recognize due to the fact that he or she does not think about anyone else besides their self. They will show very little attention to their child because they will feel like that is the least important thing. Their number one priority would be focusing on their self and making sure that they are straight instead of their child. This will leave their child feeling even more neglected.

The third type of parent is the substance abuse parent. Parents dealing with substance abuse can cause their selves and the kids health problems. This type of parent will focus more on their drugs than anything else. They can't worry about the health of their child because their own health is not straight and this can be dangerous for both the parent and child. The child safety is the most important thing in the world, but with a parent during substance abuse the child, nor the parent is safe because they aren't in the right state of mind.

The mental illness parent is the last kind of person who should not be a parent. This kind of parent is not stable enough for to be a parent because their mental health is not good. Their mind is not capable of staying focused in order to provide the care that a child need. A mentally ill parent can't keep a child safe because they are unable to provide a sense of security for a child with their mind unstable. The child might even be scared of the parent because of their unnatural behaviors. A mental illness parent will not put their child as their priority or themselves. They become a shell within themselves that they priority is messed up.

It is important for people to be aware of these four types of parents: career-oriented, narcissistic, substance abuse, and mental illness parents. Each parent has a main priority, an attention grabber, and child. Most of all, it is clear to see that some parents do not care about kids leaving their kids feeling unwanted.


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