Changing with the Textbook Essay Example

Textbooks are a main component of education. Not only are kids in school acquainted with textbooks, but people up to their 80’s are familiar. This is because they have been around for at least 100 years. Seeing that this is all we have done, we should stop what we have been doing and move forward with all the technology that we have access to. Though some people appreciate the hard copies, textbooks waste government money for middle and high schools and the system could be more effective.

Most high schools in the U.S have thousands of 5-10 lb textbooks that are required for students to pick up and haul around at the beginning of the year for classes. Most of which is lost, destroyed or never even get used by teachers. Teachers who have to use them and students that have to carry them are often frustrated.

However, there is a solution to this issue: using the textbooks online. Given that almost every teenager has access to their own technology, whether that be a laptop, phone or tablet, they should be used for online textbooks; and if a student does not have access to that technology, they can use one of the many laptops schools offer for testing. Technology has evolved so extensively that it would be silly not to incorporate it more into our education system.

Due to new information about math, science, English, and history being discovered, new textbook versions come out As a result schools have to purchase and use these new versions to give students the best and most accurate education possible. Unfortunately, this costs a lot of money for schools to constantly be buying new textbooks. With this in mind, using online sources would be much cheaper and much more accessible to teachers and students.

Classroom sets of books are an also great solution for teachers that prefer the hard copy over the online version. This way the school isn’t forced to go paperless and the books never have to leave the room. Also, the frustration of students forgetting their textbooks will be eliminated. After all, classroom sets take up little space in the classroom and the idea is already slowly being implemented in schools now.

Now, naturally, there are many people that want to stay within the tradition and claim that what we have done for the past 100 years has “worked”, and that there is no reason to mess with it. However, if our country can’t implement new technology in teaching the next generation of doctors, scientists, and teachers, then why bother teaching at all.


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