Drivers and Their Bad Habits: Should People Pay More Attention to the Road?

According to Hensley Legal Group, a crash last year by a drunk driver happened every fifty minutes. Two people in Bicknell, Indiana, were killed when they were rear ended by a driver driving at an excessive rate of speed and crashing into the back of a vehicle stopped at an intersection. The two victims in the car that was stopped were both killed by the impact. The person in the second vehicle was hurt and taken to St. Vincent Hospital in Evansville for treatment. A crash in Warrick County, Indiana injured a woman when she went into a median, went airborne and flipped over multiple times, demolishing a catch fence down by Heritage Federal Credit Union near Alcoa on State Road 66 (typical case). Many young adults in modern-day society seem to get involved in crashes because they are always on their phones and never seem to get off of them (generalized). Although there are many factors that are involved in crashes, these main reasons that get people distracted should really stop and people should always pay more attention to the road before some driver decides they have to go wild on that driver and it is because they were so distracted.

The new trend in modern-day society is getting behind the wheel and driving while looking at their cell phones. People constantly seem to text almost every day while they are driving, which causes them to drift off of the road for awhile. While my family travels the congested Lloyd Expressway in Evansville, we consistently see people driving really fast on the highway on their cell phones solely looking down and away from the road (personal/typical cas.

The second convincing reason that people should pay more attention to the road is because they drive after they have been drinking or have been high on drugs. All of the news stories that people hear today use these two terms to describe factors of the wrecks. For example, people hear news stories where accidents there included some people that were high on alcohol. The wrecks typically that were involved werpersonagesle traveling at a high rate of speed. News stories even about how many overdoses have taken over cities. This is the hot-button topic in our society.

Finally, there are many little, tiny things that people do that drive other people insane. For example, one of the umpteen things that drive people nuts is when people have dogs in their laps. People with dogs in their laps have caused many accidents in their lifetime, unfortunately. Listen to this odd scenario that happened in Owensboro in the Meijer parking lot. A dog accidentally pulled the shifter lever into drive and struck a parked car (typical case). Another scenario that people have issues with is people putting makeup on while they are driving. Even though they are at a red light, they are slowing traffic down causing people have to honk their horns. Then the people are always talking on their phones. All of the people that are calling on the phone while they are driving one handed makes people mad because they swerve all over the road like they are high on something, seeming like they are going to cause a crash.


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