Essay About Lie

"Lies can distance us from the people we wish to be closer to." Said David Livingstone Smith. Lies tend to have different outcomes whether its good or bad or beneficial or non-beneficial. In the article "When Telling a Lie Is the Right Thing to do" written by Ed and Deb Shapiro and "Why Those Little White Lies Do More Damage than You Think" Written by Katherine Schreiber show examples of the outcomes of different types of lying such as little white lies and lies that reach different extremities. Disadvantages of lying outweigh the advantages of lying. Lying can lead to you lose someone, causes mental illnesses, or most of the time people lie out of fear of others perception of how they may say them, lies are also used to protect yourself and others from dangerous situations.

A disadvantage of lying would be that it builds anxiety and guilt which commonly leads to depression. In the article "Why Those Little Do More Damage Than You Think" author Katherine Schreiber found evidence from Victoria Lorient-Faibish M.Ed. stating "Frequent lies can increase our guilt and anxiety, which can lead to depression and, in many cases paranoia over being found out" I.e lying can lead to these outcomes all to not have "your cover blown". This reveals how lying is a disadvantage as a result it causes mental health issues. Most people don't see the various outcomes that lying can lead up to. Lying itself is a disadvantage.

In the article "Why Those Little Do More Damage Than You Think" author Katherine Schreiber shows how lying is a disadvantage as she states " 'One thing we deceive ourselves about is that we're lying to protect others' feelingsā€¦ We often lie because we want another person to love us- we're trying to protect ourselves from others' disappointment, anger, or abandonment' ".This demonstrates that people lie out of fear of losing someone. People lie to change how others see them, for example lying to someone to make think you may have more than you actually might or lying to someone to hide your past all to protect yourself from the possibilities of disappointment, anger, and abandonment which are outcomes that can happen due to lying. This can not only change others perspective of you but also the perspective of yourself and shows how lying is a disadvantage.

Although lying does have disadvantages it does have its advantages in certain cases. An example of an advantage of lying would be shown in the first article written by Ed and Deb Shapiro "When Telling a Lie Is The Right Thing To Do". The author writes about a story of a girl asking a monk to hide her from robber, the robber comes looking for the girl and asks the monk if he had seen her and the monk replies "What would I be doing with a woman?", the monk responded to the robber in a question so he did not lie and did not tell the truth. This shows that if the monk would have told the robber the truth the outcome not just for the girl but the monk himself could have been harmful, so he used a technical lie to look out for himself and the woman. Lying can be used as advantage at one point or another.

In conclusion, the disadvantages of lying would outweigh the advantages. Showing how lying can cause mental issues, and is caused by fear, and knowing that lying can cause you to be drawn away from those you care about are all disadvantages of lying. Knowing these disadvantages should of course not make you want to lie. "Lies can distance us from the people we wish to be closer to", do you want to be drawn away from someone you wish to be closer to?


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