Essay on Media and Advertisement Impact

Media and advertisement choose a specific group of people to target and it is usually young teenagers, specifically young teenage girls. Young teenagers are targeted and are bombarded with advertisements about everything from makeup to acne cream. Many companies use media and marketing to go through drastic attempts to appeal to the youth. The brand Proactiv is trying to appeal to customers, specifically single young women, by implying that their value is tied to their appearance. In doing so, the advertisements use rhetorical appeals logos, ethos, and pathos.

Frequently, media and advertisement choose the youth as their audience. In this case, the audience is single teenage girls with acne. “Got acne? Just ask your boyfriend what to do. Oh, thats right, you don't have a boyfriend." (Proactiv). These girls are targeted by raising the issue of not having a boyfriend. This establishes that the audience is most likely single teenage girls. Proactiv's target is teenage girls because acne starts in the teenage years and customers will become more sensitive to the issue of not having a boyfriend. Of course, the time we live in implies not having a significant other can be viewed as an issue not only to heterosexual females but to homosexual males. So how can we tell that the targeted audience is single teenage girls? The answer is the color scheme. The pink color and dark background displays a feminine theme which catches the attention of teenage girls. Proactiv is trying to portray the message if girls have acne, they will never have a boyfriend, how'ever, their products can change that. We know this is the message the brand is trying to portray because the product is placed below the text to appear as a solution.

This Proactiv advertisement uses ethos to appeal to customers that their worth is tied to their physical appearance. The company establishes credibility to gain faith in their audience. The position of the product is used as ethos. The organization, Proactiv, is demonstrating the audience what they are attempting to sell by exhibiting the item. Moreover, the item is the most prevailing figure in the advertisement and it is the principal thing that grabs the audience's attention. Unlike many advertisements, this advertisement doesn't show any secret meaning. This implies Proactiv is proud of their products. This is very important to the audience because the text has a blunt and harsh tone making the audience more self-conscious and making them more eager to discover a solution for their acne problem. Furthermore, the fact that the audience is specifically young teenage girls, a harsh content taken after by the position of the item as a solution is an exceptionally compelling approach to persuade the audience to buy the product. The last evidence of ethos in this advertisement is the text located at the bottom right corner. This demonstrates the credibility of the organization by showing they are not just pleased with their item and want their audience to research the product. Proactiv is such a successful organization the they are likewise online.

Along with ethos, the Proactiv advertisement uses pathos to persuade the audience to buy their product by their demeaning tone as shown in the picture. As previously stated, the advertisement makes the audience feel self-conscious about themselves. This is accomplished through the blunt tone of the text, believing the audience doesn't have a significant other just because they have acne. This motivates the audience to not only find a solution to their acne problem, but to feel better about themselves. Additionally, this Proactiv advertisement uses pathos through adding a demeaning feeling to their color scheme. The black background gives a sense of wickedness. It is assumed the advertisement intentionally creates a demeaning tone that makes the audience feel self-conscious about themselves and motivates them to purchase their product. This is all accomplished by the color scheme followed by the sense of wickedness.

Even though the pathos and ethos of this advertisement is more direct, the Proactiv advertisement still uses logos to persuade their audience to purchase their product. The logos introduced in this advertisement is indirect. The advertisement implies the teenage girls will have a boyfriend only if they use their products. To prove this, the text says the opposite. In other words, the text indirectly assumes if teenage girls are not using their product, they are lacking a boyfriend. This leaves the viewer to interpret the meaning of the message and conclude that the Proactiv product is the only solution for their acne problem and their lack of a significant other. Despite the fact there is a small amount of logos, the viability of the advertisement is not affected or influenced. The absence of logos compliments the with a great amount of ethos and pathos. The abundance of ethos and pathos compensate for the way that there isn't a great deal of logos and makes an exceptionally powerful and persuasive advertisement.

Overall, Proactiv influenced their audience, young teenage girls, through their color scheme and word choice throughout the advertisement. This advertisement relies mostly on ethos and pathos than logos to sell their products and to persuade the audience to purchase their product. The abundance of the pathos and ethos presented in this advertisement make up for the lesser amount of logos displayed in the advertisement. This advertisement is mainly focused on being blunt and harsh to the audience instilling a feeling of self-consciousness that forces the audience to purchase their product. Even though Proactiv creates number of products, each different from another, they will still have a goal in speaking to the audience in a way that convinces them to buy their products.


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