Essay on Nursing Career Planning

Upon reflecting the last two and a half years when I first embarked on the road toward completing my Bachelor of Nursing Science, I realize how far I've come on this spectacular and arduous experience that I have already accomplished this far. Now as graduation is approaching, I prepare myself to envision new expectations and aspirations that will help me to grow more in this fantastic career. Furthermore, the shift from student nurse to professional nurse in the real hospital setting is a role that comes with its own challenges and objectives that with preparation can be achieved. This paper will emphasize the transition from a nursing student into a registered nurse in Florida, the standards for nursing licensure in the state of Florida, and the evolution of my journey within a one and five-year set time frame.

Transition in the Professional Nursing Role

In the coming weeks after graduation, I plan to take the National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN) in the state of Florida. Once I am considered for a license to practice as a professional nurse, I will look for employment in the same state. According to the guidelines outlined by the Florida Board of Nursing (2018), the necessary requirements for nursing licensure include: the candidate must have a diploma (baccalaureate or associate degree) in nursing from an accredited educational program or a military nursing education. The student must also have a passing score in the NCLEX examination. And finally, any candidates under investigation must have the Board of Nursing stamp of approval for a license in the state of Florida (Nursing Florida Board of Nursing, 2018). As a new graduate, there are numerous openings/organizations to work for including Baptist Health South Florida, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, and Nicklaus Children's Hospital. All three of these facilities require a new graduate from an accredited nursing program and have a license as a registered nurse from Florida. The hospitals that were mentioned all give the new graduate an opportunity to enhance the knowledge that will prepare them for the diverse departments within the hospital setting. Nevertheless, it is imperative for new RNs to examine the differences between the functionality of each organization and what the overall environment of a unit might be. Some facilities hire new graduate nurses right after they pass their NCLEX. Other incentives included to attract prospective candidates are these hospitals will provide paid training and reinforce what it truly means to be a nurse in every aspect like Baptist Health does for candidates of the Versant RN Program (Versant Residency, 2017). On the contrary, it is possible that many employers offer different shifts (night/day or Per Diem) that are not aligned with my own needs. This could be considered a detractor for any of these hospitals. One detractor that I could possibly overcome when working with Baptist Health is the distance from this facility to my home.

Holistic Life Balance

Balance is the key to almost everything in life. It will play a big part in my success in my career and in my own personal endeavors. It is crucial that nurses try to make their health a priority as it helps provide better care for others in the future. There are studies that have shown that music as a method to help individuals cope with stress in their lives and improve levels of anxiety that can occur in a typical shift (Thomas, 2013). Although this may not be the most orthodox way to relieve stress and maintain balance, it does provide a holistic avenue for expression in a different art form. Music has been the one activity that I truly enjoy and has helped me travel to a different state of mind almost every time. Other stress relief measures that are helpful for maintaining balance in every facet include exercise, time management, dance therapy. Within the first year of my nursing career, I will strive to stick to a morning routine and learn to manage my time within my personal and professional life. During the start of my fifth year as a professional nurse, I will start embarking in different exercise regimens that are conducive to my stamina and endurance at the current moment and incorporate more holistic therapies like yoga and meditation within my daily routine.

Stressors and Challenges

Being a nursing student that has been exposed to many different facilities, most of the feedback from new and experienced nurses is most of the stressors that new grads will face are lack of confidence, poor prioritization, and lack of support from other among their staff (Miller, 2013). To prevent this, it is essential that nurses develop ways to manage these stressors and challenges that deter nurses to the overall goal of providing safe and competent care to our patients. One of the strategies is to never be afraid to ask questions and always expand your learning through the resources that both provided by the facility and outside sources. I will be a part residences programs that help new grades acclimate to their environment and the tasks that are expected of them. A great objective that most residences programs provide is extensive training and preparation for new nurses according to the facilities needs. This is turn, gears the new nurse in the right direction and develops a sense of confidence for their lifelong career. Another challenge that many nurses face on occasion is time management (Miller, 2013). One way to combat this terrible habit is to attempt planning care for patients at the beginning of shifts and avoid procrastination. Since the beginning of every shift can vary, it important to put our best foot forward in every shift and express our needs and concerns to our managers. Within the first year of my career, I will strive to initiate a positive environment with my colleagues, take every opportunity to learn a new skill or procedure that I was not previously exposed to, and ask for help before I put myself or my patient in any danger. At the five year mark, my expectation is to be able to handle challenges that come my way with wisdom and preparation and of course with the continued guidance of my peers, colleagues, and supervisors.


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