Essay On Qualities Of A Good Person

In the world we live in it may not seem like they’re that many good people in the world but there are. It goes very unrecognized because all we’re used to seeing are the bad things that happen in the world. For example, on the news we rarely see them recognizing the people that are doing good in the world. Instead they recognize the bad things that people are doing in the world. There are many characteristics that can make up a good person. For example, a good person could be nice, caring, loving, honest, and much more. Some of the characteristics that I believe make me a good person is that I’m helpful, friendly, and dependable.

I feel that I’m extremely helpful which makes me a good person. At school I always help the teacher when they need it. I help them grade papers, hand out papers, and even run errands for them. I also help the students that go to my school. I help them if they don’t understand what the teacher is asking, if they’re struggling with what was assigned, and also help tutor some students when they need help. Another example as to how I’m helpful is at home. I help my mom clean the house, do dishes, and even help her make dinner sometimes. I also help my younger sister with her homework, cleaning her room, and doing her hair. The most recent time where I felt I was most helpful was this summer. This summer my mom and uncle hosted a Moe Fresh back to school event in honor of my dad. We gave away free shirts, supplies, food, bookbags, and even a fifty dollar gift card to go towards school clothes. It was overall a very good experience and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

In addition to being a helpful person I am also very friendly. I love to meet and talk to new people, to learn more about them and also to just be more social. When a new student comes in the middle of the year, or is just new to the school in general, I’m always the first person to go up and talk to them. I do this to make them feel better and to overall make them be more comfortable coming to a new school not knowing anybody. Lastly, I always have an open ear to anybody who just needs to talk to somebody. For example, if someone is ever mad, sad, or even needs advice people can always come and talk to me and I’ll be there for them.

Ultimately, I am highly dependable and am always doing what is asked of me. Like when I’m at school, I always give the teacher or adult my full attention at all times, and also never speak when an adult is speaking. I even have to be dependable with my homework and make sure I do it and bring it back for the next day. I have to also make sure I turn in all my assignments on time so I get good grades. At home, I’m dependable by doing my chores that my mom asks me to do. For example, I have to wash the dishes, take my dog outside, wash clothes, and many more chores, but I always make sure I do my all my chores when I get home so I don’t get in trouble. It’s very important to be dependable because people may start to question whether or not you’re able to do things on your own.

There are many characteristics that make up a good person. Some of the characteristics that make me a good person is that I’m helpful, friendly, and dependable. Overall everyone should strive to be a good person and make the world a better place. As a society we should get out more and help people who aren’t as fortunate as us. We should also start to get good people in the world out on the streets helping to make the world better for themselves and also for others. Once people began to realize they’re not as great of a person as they should be the world will change drastically. So hopefully one day the world will be filled with many good people and also be surrounded by an overall happy society.


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