Golf Essay Example

Golf, which began in Scotland in around 1450, is an extremely popular outdoor sport in many countries of the world today. The primary objective of golf is to hit a ball into a hole in as few strokes as possible. However, with this simpleness comes complexity. Many rules have been created in golf to create a standardized game for all players. Two main principles form the foundation of the game of golf. The first is playing the course as you find it, and the second is that each player must play their own ball, touching it with only a club. Its many rules are needed to increase enjoyability as well as to govern play.

Golf Rules

Golfers must play the course as they find it. The game begins when a player hits their first shot from a tee. The ball goes down a fairway of mown grass. Along the sides, the rough is an area of trees and long grass. The goal is to reach the green, which is an area of short grass where players putt their ball into the hole. After the player hits a shot, their ball may land in any of these areas. They can only move the ball by hitting it with their club, or if they mark its place and replace it. Simply stated, each stroke is counted, with the lowest score winning. The golfer's stroke may cause the ball to land in the rough or off-course, however, the golfer must play the course as they find it, only moving the ball by hitting it with the club.

Because the ball may land in many different types of terrain along the course, from the shortest grass to the swampy lakes, each player has many types of clubs for the different situations that he or she may face. These clubs range from a putter, which is used to roll the ball across the green, to the heavier drivers, which are used for longer initial shots. While the player may wish to reach down and move their ball out of the swampy marsh, this would break the rules. Instead, the player must use the best club for their situation, hitting their ball toward the green in the fewest number of strokes. According to the USGA's rules of golf, one situation in which a player could legally touch their ball would be on the putting green, where it is legal to mark, lift, and clean your own ball. Players may be tempted to touch their balls, but having a wide variety of no more than fourteen clubs enables them to get their ball to the putting green, and thus into the hole.

Golf is for Everyone

Golf's main objective is to hit a ball into a hole in as few strokes as possible. Players must follow many rules, including, but not limited to, playing the course as they find it, and touching their own ball with a club. Because of these rules, anyone, amateur players to professionals, from the smallest to the largest golf courses can all experience and play the same game.



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