Infatuation Essay Example

Fictiophilia the known word for having infatuation's on fictional characters. In movies, television and books. Everyone at one point in time has had a infatuation on a fictional character. Schediaphilia is the infatuation on animated characters. When I say this I know someone popped into your mind. Whether it's a cartoon or a real person, someone has entered your mind. Take Christian Gray for an example when the movie 50 shades of Grey came out women were obsessed with the idea of him. His money his power his clothing and how he looks Alongside how he acted. Even though this is a odd subject there is some good points to this fictiophilia. It is not normal in many people's views but in reality it is completely normal.This is mainly because of how we see what we want this is healthy because you have taken you thoughts and emotions into this. However it can be unhealthy some people develop obsessive thoughts.And become detached to reality this is known as ( cws celebrity worshiping syndrome) People who suffer with this disorder has a wide variety of obsessions like stalking and love obsessed personalities they can become very dangerous. This is not socially accepted in many situations. Due to the fact that behavior like this is considered abnormal mainly because of social standards of the ideas of how an adult mind should behave. This isn't healthy on some relationships due to it being a gateway to how you wish your relationships are. With the possibility of it ruining your relationships and you continue it has crossed the line of it becoming obsessive.If you are already in a relationship this can very well show how you wish your partner is to you. Or you wish that you were able to find someone who is deep and mysterious or takes control over you. It is healthy and normal to have infatuation es and emotionally attached to fictional characters it shows us that we all have valid human emotions they show us what we look for and we become attached to them. This is mainly because emotional attachments is so strongly a part of the human mind that it becomes. Something we all seek for emotionally seeking. Affection,compassion,empathy,attractive both on the inside and out these are some of the quality traits we look for and is mainly found in fictional characters because that is what they are made for to make the best parts of mankind stand out without that they would be simple and ordinary people When the movie 50 shades of Grey came out ticket sales were very high they made 60 million in sales on the weekend sales the first week it was out women all over were swooning over The handsome Mr Grey. They picked the books and started their own infatuation. On a fictional character this is completely normal human behavior to seek something that completes you. The human mind is always seeking someone or something to make yourself feel better whether or not its a infatuation on a fictional person.

We all seek someone to be the better half to you its been hard wired into our minds that we are not complete unless we have another being our better half. In reality we already are complete we have been told by standards for so long that we are not so therefor we are always looking. This is normal on certain levels but then again it is all due to how your mindset is. If you are obsessed with the person you are one of the cws people who can be treated. But however infatuation es like this is not the most effective way to develop real feelings for some people, it's the struggle to connect to real life people who end up on this spectrum of fictional love this is strongly pointed that this is what they desire but fall short of in life. Some infatuation is are dealing with animated men or women our first memories were watching cartoons and movies that had animated men and women we felt a strong connection with the person take bell and the beast she was intelligent and loved to read and she was beautiful and those were the traits that made you fall for her and take Adam for a example he was misunderstood and had a golden heart who wanted to find real true love that was what made you fall for him.

These fictional infatuation's can be devastating or helpful in many cases they help shine light on what you are looking for or they show how you want to have in real relationships as long as you understand they are fictional then it is completely normal for you to develop strong feelings toward in some cases these situations can make a person become obsessed with them going as far as stalking them and becoming completely obsessed where it ruins real life relationships. In all situations love, lust or admiration can be good or dangerous it all depends on the person's mindset With everything that was said there is some points where it must be brought to mind when dealing with these situations There is not enough Scientific research has been done to prove or disprove this information with that being said I do believe we should take the time to look into the subject more deeply by the Scientific community and in the psychology community as to why it happens and who it affects more men or women. In this part I will discuss on the how and who it mainly affects in my Research,

I have found that men and women are both equal to the effects of this, however it is stated that men have a more animated infatuation es due to the fact that they are visually appealing only a handful of women have stated otherwise. A woman who has a infatuation on a fictional animated man finds that men in real life tend to be impure of emotions and how they act to people is leaning to impetuous behavior She has stated that even though she is in a relationship she wishes to find her dream man. She has stated that two broken people make a complete person that someone who hasn't lost a great deal would not understand how it truly feels to be compassionate. There is some unhealthy traits to being infatuated with them mainly because the ideals of a perfect relationship are set to their standards that they tend to ignore the ones around them who love them and therefore these Infatuations can and will destroy a human bond. There is such a high standard that often people are overlooked or ignored, this is when Fictiophilia becomes unhealthy for society as a whole Taken into moderation and understanding is key to understanding the dangers of a fictional relationship they can and will end up hurting you in the end if you are not careful Unless you know that the person of your affection is fictional and you understand that they are unreal you might be slipping to a dangerous path where medical help is needed The good part about having feelings for a fictional person is the fact that it helps make your real life friendships, work by getting involved with people of their like minded attitudes and it helps make sure you bond with people who has similar thoughts and passions as your own This helps you find the one who you want or how you want the people around you to be like and you set expectations and this is a good thing due to the fact that like minded individuals are better paired together. It is also very likely you will make long term friends who will be in the long run lifelong friends. In this section I will go over how making friends and relationships in with the same set of mind as your own can and will be beneficial for you. Not only will you have friends who like the same things as yourself, but you will be able to express how you feel and become more bonded with humankind in general this is a very good thing to be as humans crave and need companionship a extrovert or introvert both alike finding things you are passionate about Examples of this include making friends and a possibly of lasting friendships they also may form lasting relationships those who have stronger bonds tend to be together longer, Lasting relationships are built on trust and a foundation of what you have in common if these two are built together those relationships, are you become stronger than others in general Conclusion fictional infatuation can form lasting relationships in their lifetimes that make people much happier and increase your lifespan in the end it is all up to how they are. And how much with realty they are in touch with but other than that no long lasting negative reactions have been stated before Those who have had a infatuation before know the feelings associated with it and know the boundaries that in all infatuations have. Whereas that others should be able to choose how they have Infatuations , it is normal and sometimes healthy given that it is not socially accepted. Infatuations rather it be in real life or fictional is all completely normal for humans and it helps build on how we seek our lives to be like. Or how we seek our future partners to have the same traits as who we are infatuated with modern society has shaped the way of conversation with many people across the globe that has the same ideals as yourself. And gave us the ability to make long lasting friendships and relationships over their own choices of infatuations And this is why infatuations can be harmful or helpful whether they be animated or physical they both hold true to how you feel so pay attention. You may end up happier in the long run In reality these people who have been infatuated with others as they are signals that something is missing out of their own relationships even though it is frowned on to have fictional infatuations due to others mindsets of it not being a part of reality and the impossible way to be able to meet their own expectations on how a relationship should be like this is the reason why your infatuation should represent how you look for a real relationship taken in example if you like Loki from Marvel you should be seeking a funny prankster who will keep your days full of smiles same goes for every single person you've been infatuated with take the traits from those people and find them in your real life The thoughts and ideas upon this is a mixed between good and unacceptable but it isn't any real harm in having a fantasy of how who you wish to be in a relationship with no matter if he is goofy, sweet, kind, or compassionate it all comes down to this you are seeking something you find irresistible and what you feel is your dream man so with this in mind you should be aware that human consciousness always has a way to surface on how life is ending up to who you need to be with. With this coming to an end, I would love to hear your thoughts on how it can affect people positive and negative and if you've ever had a fictional infatuation, no matter how small you conceive it it is all within your mind and emotions. Human emotions and mental power is stronger than what society is, in the end, it is all how you view the world and with this I am ending. I hope this has been informative and eye opening.


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