My Life Changing Event Essay Example

Looking around the bright square room, I began to notice the sea of male faces in the room. Nerves soon shot through my body at high speeds when I realized that I was going to be the only female in the class. "Is this your first jiu-jitsu class?" asked a man in a bleach white gi closed by a raggedy brown belt. "Yes," I blurted out as my feet walked onto the mat squeaking as I made my way towards the man. "Wonderful well, I hope you enjoy the class. My name is Jake I am the instructor at this gym," the man stated while handing me my own gi to change into. After I had changed the other men came to introduce themselves, all of them welcoming me with warm smiles similarly to being welcomed by my family. By the time that the jiu-jitsu class had begun my nerves had already drifted away. Jake proceeded to show how to perform a simple choke from the guard and I attempted to recreate the same choke on my partner. The key word being attempted. Soon after starting the choke my partner swiftly stopped my attack. Throughout the whole practice the same pattern repeated, I would attempt a move and my partner would quickly stop me from doing the technique. Growing more and more frustrated with each failed technique, Jake came up to me and stated " Don’t worry about it, everyone has trouble doing the techniques at first. You will improve over time". Despite the frustration I felt I knew that I would come back again, there was something about the fluid movements of jiu-jitsu that enticed me. Throughout the next few months I began to see the art and beauty of jiu-jitsu and soon fall in love with the sport.

When I first started jiu-jitsu I did not realize how much it would change my life in the years after I began. Starting jiu-jitsu prompted a period of personal growth in my life which allowed me to carry myself in my new manner. This growth allowed me gain a new confidence and happiness that I did not have before. Through my trainings I was able to learn how to remain calm in stressful situations and be able to clear my mind to focus on the situation at hand. This helped me control my stress from school and helped me excel at studying and learning new material. My training also brought me the opportunity to meet new people that I wouldn't have known before training. Being able to see these people's lives and the troubles they are going through allowed me to have a better insight on what others are going through. Through this insight I have been able to not judge others as quickly and better understand their situation. Jiu-Jitsu helped clear my foggy mind and allow me to see the world around me with a new lens that has allowed me to see more clearly.

This event of going to my first jiu-jitsu class was one of those events that helped change the way I perceived the world. To many people going to their first jiu-jitsu class would result in them never going back this was not the case for me and it ended up being one of the most important events of my life. I owe my first jiu-jitsu class for allowing me to go through a period of personal growth with a better understanding of myself and the world around me. Looking back at the time when I first decided to step onto the squeaky red and put on the stiff bleach white gi has to be the best decision I have made. That single decision to try jiu-jitsu for the first time put me through a period of my life where I grew into myself.


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