My Real Life Hero

The ways of being a hero you have to do something thats is helpful and extraordinary awesome. So the rules is stages of being a hero Ordinary World, Call To Adventure, Refusal Of The Call, Meeting The Mentor, Crossing The Threshold, Test, Allies, Enemies Approach To The Inmost Cave, Ordeal, and the Journey Home. In today’s essay I will be writing about the enemies, Crossing The Threshold, Call to adventure. So my idea that I picked comes from a show called Hawaii 5.0, and the hero in my story is Steve Mcgarrett. So one day steve is working on a case at the headquarters, because he runs his own task force and they are working on a case, when suddenly one of his teams members called Junior called him from a different country. Steve and the others team members have been looking for Junior for days and now steve is getting a call and they talk about what has happened to one of Steve's friends and how junior who’s also in the Navy Seals as well as Commander Mcgarrett has to go save his friend is is locked up in a different country. This was the hero's call to adventure or Steve's call to adventure. So then Steves wasn't going to let Junior do it by himself and Steve wanted to get his friend out because his friend is in danger an has always been there for Steve. So steve packed his gear and headed to Junior, there they talk about what their plan was for the mission and then got on a helicopter and headed out to go get his friend. Eventually they reached their destination with other Seal team members and had to skydive the the drop zone, from there they headed to the palace where Steves friend Joe white was being held. When they got to the palace there whole plan was ruined because there were tons of armed men guarding it. So they called back to base and there were gonna sneak in and leave two snipers to watch their back, get Joe White, the there base was going to fire a missile to blow the place up. After the got a plan Steve and Junior start to sneak in and had the shoot a couple of guys on the way in, keep in mind they had silencers on the gus so they would attract more guards. The other Seal Team members stayed back with snipers and knocked out any bad guys that were trying to kill Commander Mcgarrett and Junior. That was explain the enemies that they had to fight off. After a little bit of killing bad guys they reached Joe White and he was balled up with a broke leg in a cell, so Steve had to cut the locks on the doors and the shackles off Joe’s hands an feet. On their way out Steve handed Joe his gun that Steve found on one of the guards. The was set to hit the place in thirty seconds so they had to hurry but there were blocked in by guards from every direction. Eventually they came across a guard that was wandering the grounds and took his weapons and made him find an underground way out. They came across a underground tunnel but at this time the missile was supposed to hit in five seconds but they all jump in and close the door in just the nick of time as soon as the missile hit. The blast radius of the missile had blown threw the door and knocked the all out but no one die. They all got up with their ears ringing and when they looked around the guard that they tamed had left. So when they reached the doors to get out and leave appranley the guard got out and went and told others so they were surrounded. They had to think of a plan so they decided to say their goodbyes to each other and pray they make in threw all those men. Steve had open the door and threw a smoke grenade out at then they all ran out shooting with the bullets they had left and then at a point there were no more gunshots, the three men had killed off at least 30 people. Next the all rushed to the choppers and they were all headed home safe and sound. Steve had saved his long life guardian and friend everything was perfect after that and they had to go back to real life and be with their families again. In this his his crossing the threshold and going back to real life.


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