Observation of PlayStation 4 Essay Example

Since 1994 PlayStation have been a great gaming console made by Sony. PlayStation has a wide variety of game selection for just about any one's taste. Many people all over the world enjoy these systems, this is why PlayStation has become one of the most popular gaming systems out to this day. This leads up to the newest system out the PlayStation 4. It is normally black in color, but Sony offers a variety of different ones also it is the eighth generation of home video game consoles. The PlayStation 4 is far superior to the Xbox One, with its exclusive gaming selection exclusively formatted for the PlayStation 4 and its super affordable prices starting at just three-hundred dollars!

Standard PlayStation 4 cost three-hundred dollars brand new. This is just for the system and the controller itself, sometimes Stores have bundle deals that include a game for the same price like Walmart, Best Buy or even somewhere like Kmart. When the PlayStation 4 first came out it booked at four-hundred dollars brand new, The Xbox One new was five-hundred dollars. Consumers can play offline with this console if they wish to join online for one month it is ten dollars, three months for eighteen, and one year being sixty. Sixty dollars is the best deal depending on how much money someone may have on hand it ends up saving money in all. Typical a new game for this console runs about sixty dollars and a digital copy of the game or a disc copy can be purchased. It’s the same for about any console including the Xbox One. Good perks with the PlayStation 4 are that the consumer doesn’t need to pay if they just want to play a game offline or stream Netflix, however, the Xbox One requires a paid membership even though someone may already have a Netflix account. This is something that PlayStation offers, that Xbox does not.

Some great features that the PlayStation 4 offers one being, the quick menu option. All that is required to do is hold down the PlayStation button on the controller and it gives options to quickly access music, games, and any notifications that have been received. There are more than it offers as well, some other cool features are the share button. This allows the consumer to capture in-game moments to share with friends or share on social media with just a click of a button! Also, there is streamer mode which allows the consumer to go live at that moment through YouTube or Twitch, and people all over the world are able to view what they are doing first hand as the game is being played. Another feature is the double tag between applications, which is that the consumer is able to play a game then flip over to YouTube to view something they may be stuck on then go right back to the game. One of the best things about the PlayStation 4 is the exclusive gaming selection it offers. Some great games are The Last of Us, Uncharted, God of War and the new Spiderman. These are games that you can only access with a PlayStation 4, Xbox One users are out of luck here.

The PlayStation 4 offers almost all games at 1080p resolution, a newer update TV is required for this. This is a great thing for customers because it allows them to see more and see clearer than ever before. Any game that is played will be at 1080p compared to most Xbox One game at just 900p on certain games. 1080p resolution, which is full HD (High definition) it is 1920 pixels across the screen horizontally and 1080 pixels down the screen vertically. Which pretty much covers every square inch of a TV no matter what size it may be, allowing the best image and graphics for a great gaming experience. The research was done on this, so the facts are there don’t pick the less pick the best.

The PlayStation 4, however, does not offer backward compatibility. The only way to play previous games not all, but some is by PlayStation Now. Something else is that previous content that has bought on older systems is not usable on the PlayStation 4. PlayStation does not allow previous controllers on the new system either. Even with some disadvantages the PlayStation 4 is still one of the top-selling gaming consoles.


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