Race and the Criminal Justice System Essay Example

Does civil rights even still exist ? The answer to this question would be “who really knows anymore”. Or how about the rights of an African American man in the Criminal Justice system ? A women named Michelle Alexander believed that African Americans were under control of the criminal justice system whether they were in prison or probation. The American Criminal Justice system has reinstated a new Jim Crow as Michelle Alexander argues in her recent book The New Jim Crow : Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. The racism , caste system , and mass incarcerations today has a few similarities with how things went along back in the day during the Jim Crow laws time period. Journalist Nicole Puglise has found out that in a few states , the rate for disparity had doubled its average :

Black Americans were incarcerated in state prisons at an average rate of 5.1 times that of white Americans, the report said, and in some states that rate was 10 times or more. The US is 63.7% non-Hispanic white, 12.2% black, 8.7% Hispanic white and 0.4% Hispanic black, according to the most recent census.(Report)

Let's take things back for a minute just real quick , back to slavery where our African American men were not considered people but were looked at as “property”. Back during slavery

Shyel 2 time , they didn’t want to award a black male with his rights which should have been given to him while Abraham came up with Emancipation Proclamation . Alexander writes :

a largely theoretical document that was unable to end slavery in the South. Even after the Union won the Civil War, former slaves had to fight for the rights afforded to them by the Constitution. This was not an easy task.

Men here today in our society has no rights whatsoever when it comes to certain situations. Lets use drugs for an example , normally when an african american man receives a charge dealing with drugs he normally has to face about a good 3-5 years . Moving along to a white caucasian man , he maybe let go free of charge because of his family saving him , or even just that good of a lawyer he may have to save him. Alexander cited :

a 2002 study conducted at the University of Washington in Seattle, where researchers found that, despite evidence showing that citizen complaints were overwhelmingly about drug activity indoors and in private residences, Seattle police officers focused on open-air drug markets where black dealers were arrested at a much higher rate than their white counterparts. Note that Seattle's drug offenders and dealers are more likely to be white.

What is the caste system ? you maybe sitting behind this screen asking yourself .Well the answer to that question would be “four main categories - Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and the Shudras. Many believe that the groups originated from Brahma, the Hindu God of creation”.The Caste system plays a huge role with the topic we are touching on because people still today are classified under different classes that are labeled in the triangle . We still have the low, and the high and even the middle class where people place their self because that's where they fit at the

Shyel 3 most. As usual all blacks will be somewhere in the middle or at the lows while the whites are up at the top . Now don't get me wrong but we do have a few mixes with some blacks being up top but majority are whites.

The last thing I would like to speak on would be the mass incarceration . Summary states:

This wave of mass incarceration has had devastating effects on the African American community. It has imprisoned whole generations of young black men, deprived families of their fathers and sons, and brought the African American community great shame. In a supposedly post-racial America, where a black man can be elected president, the idea of "colorblindness" remains a lie. In reality, Alexander argues, we are living in a "new Jim Crow" era that began as backlash to the Civil Rights Movement.(Alexander).

As shown above we are still living in a “new Jim crow “ era as Alexander said it best. This is true only because of how things went before back then , they are still occurring years later even after the fact that everything has been finalized with the laws and what not. It's not fair to our african american men and boys who have to grow up and deal with such devilish systems we have here today . No male shale deal with the consequences that comes behind mass incarceration because one , slavery has ended and second , no one should be put through such in general so we shall all just come together and end such devilish ways with this thing we have here today that we all know by the name of “The Criminal Justice System”.

In conclusion , we still shall come together to try to stop the no justice for our black males out there that has children to raise who needs them . Yes I still do and I will forever belive that the american criminal justice system reinstated a new Jim Crow as Michelle Alexander

Shyel 4 argues in her new book. I will stick to such thing because who knows when this world will ever be right enough to finally realize who's right and whose wrong when it comes to and african american man who hasn't done nothing but a thing.


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