The Analysis of the Book Montana 1948 Essay Example

Have you ever thought about that one single decision that changed your whole Life or had a big impact in your life. Well In the book Montana 1948, by Watson, Wes goes through many difficult problems in his life in Montana. Wes is the sheriff of the town with a wife and a son. Wesley has always felt inferior to his older brother Frank, who is a doctor and a hero of WWII. Wesley has an injured leg (from a horse kick in his youth) that causes him to walk with a limp and prevented him from serving in the military. Wesley’s father, who was also Sheriff and wanted power even after he retired, wanted his son to be the sheriff. So Wesley followed in Grandpa Hayden’s footsteps, he has always played second fiddle to his brother, who is by far the favorite son to Grandpa Hayden. One Single Decision of Wesley has many consequences.

In the story, Wes’s family was living its normal day. But Marie, Caretaker of David (Wes’s Son), gets sick. She also had a fever. Marie didn’t tell anyone until David found out and told his mother. Wes’ wife was very health conscious. As soon as she found out she tried to get rid of her cold by giving her more blankets. But the cold didn’t go away so she decided to call Frank who was Wes’s brother and a doctor. After Frank arrived he went inside to check Marie. After sometime Marie screamed calling Wes’s wife. Frank checked her and went back home. As soon as Wes was heading out Wes’s wife stopped him and said to him what Marie told her. Wes’s wife said that Frank makes his parents undress completely and get into indecent positions. As soon as Wes heard it he didn’t disagree because he knew it was the truth. After hearing this all he decides to investigate this case. He talks to many other Indian patients. However, after some days, Marie died. Frank told Wes that Marie did because of Pneumonia. That same night David told Wes that he saw Frank right before Marie death walk in the town. That made Wes realize that Frank could have killed Marie. So he decided to arrest Frank but not show it to the town so he brought him to their house and locked him in the basement. After coming up from the basement he saw his and son looking at him. Wes says “He’s in the basement. Goddamn it! Don’t you get I-I’ve arrested him" He’s down there now.” After hearing what Wes said both we completely shocked. This proves my claim by showing that his action of arresting Frank could lead to many consequences like the town losing the respect for their family. Because the name Hayden has a power in it.

Later In the book, Wes’s father found out that Wes arrested Frank. So he decides to barge in Wes’s house. He goes in and shouts at Wes. He almost pulled out his gun to shoot Wes. Grandpa Hayden didn’t really care about anyone but power and his favorite son, who was also a hero of the war, Frank. But Wes was able to calm down his father and both sat down. Grandpa says he was arrested because “ He’s supposed to have beaten up some Indian”. After hearing what Grandpa said Wes was shocked. Wes explained that wasn’t the real reason. Grandpa asked what was the real reason. Wes quietly said something but grandpa couldn’t hear. So Wes shouted “Murder”. There was a long pause after. Grandpa asked who is dead. Wes answered Marie. Grandpa knew she died because of pneumonia. Grandpa was pretty angry for this conversation so he said to his wife “ Let’s go we’re not going to beg him”. This proves my claim by showing that his action of arresting Frank led to troubles between his father and him. Wes and his father usually didn’t get along but this made it worse.

Near the end of the Book, the next day after the furious conversation between Wes and his father. Wes went to investigate more about the case on Frank. While David and Wes's wife stayed home. After a while, David noticed a truck circling their house for his bedroom windows. After seeing it circle second he quickly ran down to tell his mom. He crouched below the living room's window and saw one of the men “Dale Paris, the foreman at my grandfather’s ranch, in the passenger seat”. The truck stopped and the men got out and started heading toward their house. David’s Mom quickly got Wes’s Shotgun to protect her son. She said to David to go get his father. David went to every place he could to find his father but he didn’t find Wes. When he was dashing back to his house he heard a shotgun fire. David quickly went inside he saw the window full of holes. Then he realized it was just a warning shot. But the men didn’t back up. However, Len appeared with a pistol he started moving towards. When Len was enough to close he brought the gun to eye level. Soon the men headed back to the Truck. This proves my claim by showing that Wes action on arresting his brother Frank led to his family being in Danger.

In the end Wes ultimate action of arresting his own brother Frank and locking in him in the basement while hiding the fact from the town. Wes had many problems in his life but he was able to overcome. After the death of Frank, From killing himself in the basement by a broken glass, Wes’s Family moved out. He was finally able to fulfill his dream and became a lawyer. He abandoned his father wish to keep control as the sheriff. Would you have arrested your brother if he went against the law?


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