The Importance of Communication Essay Example

Everyone you meet is always looking for something they can do to make their lives go easier. People will always tell you to “be yourself” or that you should be putting yourself in the shoes of others, but to me there is one skill you need to learn to master, how to communicate. Learning this skill is one of the true traits you can adapt into your life to help you live your life easier and more carefree. The best advice I can give to a person my age is you need to not be afraid to be upfront with people by learning to communicate. Communication can help you right now, and everywhere else you go in life. Expressing yourself can be of great benefit if you ever find yourself a part of a group project with coworkers, or even having to talk through your first job interview. Conversing can aid you in the classroom by being more upfront with your teachers or professors or even just your fellow classmates.

Proper communication helps you for job interviews and group projects. Group projects are a great example where communication skills are needed because you will be likely working your whole life in a group in some form. In the office your department will be set to work on quarterly projects, actors need to speak to their counterparts, doctors need to talk to each other during surgeries. Just think about this, how smooth would every one of your team efforts have gone if every teammate, including you, was not afraid to speak their mind and they all pitched in their unique ideas. Being clear and concise in what you are trying to get across will make these projects trouble-free. Talking together as a team is helpful not only when working with partners, but also assists you to improve in the classroom.

Communicating can help you be better in school by talking to your teacher, classmates, and our soon to be professors. Whenever you do not understand an assignment or fail to grasp any underlying concepts, try speaking to your classmates. Try kicking the habit of feeling uncomfortable when talking to your peers, as asking for help is going to help you much in life. If you still cannot find it in you to speak to your classmates, then your next option is asking the instructor for guidance. Doing this will aid you in understanding the assignment which in turn will result in a better grade. Not to say that you should never be speaking to peers for help, but in the real world your boss is likely to be busy or unavailable and their time should not be wasted when you could ask a coworker who knows what to do. So not only can speaking help you right now in the classroom, but in the future your work life will be made simpler and less challenging.

Talking and communicating has helped me in my own life. I am a senior in high school and recently had to attend my first job interview. Going into this interview I knew I needed to be on top of my speech skills and to be prepared to answer any questions that were being asked. I was ready to speak and had already planned what I needed to say beforehand. One of the questions he asked me was to tell him about myself. I knew what to say as I have thought about this question before and had the answer sitting in the back of my head. The interview continued smoothly as I knew the answers to the rest of his questions and in the end, I impressed my interviewer enough to be accepted for the position. You can use this example by knowing that your first interview is going to follow a basic set of questions and that you can think about your answers beforehand. Using speech can always help you, no matter what career path you decide on.

The need for communication is present in many career paths. In the business world, communication is a basic skill needed to conduct presentations and interviews, negotiate a trade deal, work with teammates within your department, and even when asking for a pay raise. Athletes need to know how to efficiently talk to coaches and teammates, have proper conduct on the field, and how to speak around any questions of a nosy reporter. Restaurant chefs need to work together when performing a dinner service. Doctors need to speak together on a surgery or to their patients. Engineers need to work with their project leads, high-end programmers work together on projects as a part of a team. A strength in communications has applications no matter where you choose to make it in life.

So overall, possessing the ability of having proper communication can make all the difference in today’s highly social lifestyle, and should be the main focus of your life if you are trying to make it better. Speaking will forever help you in your life and will always be present. Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur, had the perfect understanding of the importance of mastering communication when he said, “Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people.”


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