The Role of Modern Technology Essay

Technology is no problem. It is just the way you use it. In Are you a child, if so you should be on you device for no more than 2 hours. And if you have access to your device at bedroom before you sleep that is even more worse. Scientists have prove that you lose more brain cells when you play on your electronic before you sleep than when you play in the morning or afternoon. If you are an age between 8-12 your average should be no more than 6 hours. If you spend more time on electronics than you should you are too dependent on technology. This is bad because you will be forgetting things you have learned in the past which would be really useful when you grow up. In conclusion, it would be better in people don’t use too much technology for their entertainment because it could make you lose brain cells which makes you lose intelligentest.

I believe people are to dependent on technology. I think life would be way harder if there is no technology.This is because there would be no transportation unless you walk,no communication unless you live near each other and are not lazy enough to walk there, there would be no shelter unless you make your own with wood, and also no stove to cook on and you would have to just make fire with wood and sticks...etc. Secondly, I think this because they use it in their everyday life so much that they got so used to it, that they need it for such simple things. Such as, simple addition in Math class, and some people are so lazy when they need to walk to school they want to get a ride because “you get there faster”. And online shopping when they have a local store right in front of their house.Which makes you lose more money than if you were to go there because there is shipping cost too.

I would say that people use way more technology then they should. I think this because people use it for simple questions. Simple addition you should know by Grade 2 (53), and also they use it for learning how to cook when there is something called a cook book when they could just read and it tells you all about cooking. Basically, I believe that technology should only be used for certain tasks.

You may be wondering “everyone can buy technology”. And this is how this could be debatable. Because there is people who use technology in their everyday life. And also people who don’t even have any type of technology because they can’t even afford it. Such as, single parents, university students, homeless people and it they do have a cell phone, they may not have access to a laptop or tablet. Have you ever tried typing a paper on a cell phone.

Now I will be sharing more information on why I think people are too dependent on technology. People are way too dependent on technology because they use it in their everyday life so much that they got so used to it they need for such simple things like I said before. Also they don’t realize how capable themselves are. And once a new device or electronics comes out everyone knows about it and needs to buy it so badly. Just like the Iphone 8, almost every person that is a technology “fan” has one. And if it is something educational or something that is not relatable to any source of technology and it is not as known or as popular as an electronic. And I have heard people tell me things such as,when people are like a meter away from each other they call,facetime,message,or audio call someone.And if you think people use alot of technology think about the future. Instead of walking there would be something that teleports you to where you need to go. But there is also already something that makes you travel without you walking. It is called a Hoverboard. It allows you to travel by you just standing up and putting weight on the direction you need/want to go. And if people are whining because the technology needs to be better think of the people who were born before us. Instead of laptops,and phones to type you're work they only had typewriters and if you make one mistake you would have to restart the whole thing over again. In conclusion, people are getting more lazier as the day/years go on. This is all because the evolution technology has turned into.

In conclusion, In the body of my essay, I have shown examples that prove, some people are too dependable on technology.


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