The Role of Music Essay Example

The famous actor Johnny Depp once said, “Music touches us emotionally, where words alone cannot.” Music is a form of art which I believe is extremely inspiring. Art is the application or illustration of talent and imagination, where creative thinking can be expressed. Music comes from what is in the heart and allows an artist’s creativity to be on display in many and various forms. Music is a form of art where an individual can expose feelings, expressions and originality. Montgomery Gentry’s song “Something to Be Proud Of” is a piece of art in which can be thought of as extremely moving. His lyrics have an inspiring meaning, allow for a connection, and remind everyone to be proud of who they are.

Montgomery Gentry’s song supports the good things that Americans do, like caring for a baby, and working to make a living to keep food on the table. In the lyrics to Montgomery Gentry’s song he states that, “You don't need to make a million just be thankful to be working. If you're doing what you're able and putting food there on the table and providing for the family that you love that's something to be proud of.” Montgomery Gentry reminds us that these “ordinary tasks” are actually incredible actions to take pride in. His lyrics are inspiring because they exemplify the significance of overcoming obstacles in our lives no matter how big or small. Often, people worry about small things such as how much money they make, their job

title and the materialistic items they have. Gentry reminds us that life is not about the object inquired but rather having family and doing the best you can for them. Gentry’s words touch upon the heart of those finding their way out of challenging times. Music is extremely inspiring due to the powerful words contained in the lyrics. Strong lyrics can create a story, which in return can create emotion within a listener. There will always be at least one person who can connect with the point lyrics are trying to make.

Montgomery Gentry’s song is expressed in such a way that the listener is able to relate heavily to the lyrics. When Gentry says, “Dad, I wonder if I ever let you down. If you're ashamed of how I turned out” he is creating a connection that all people can relate to. Gentry’s lyrics go on to say that if you went through your life trying to your full potential, that is all that can be asked of you. Even if as a kid you were careless, thoughtless or took turns in life that seemingly made no sense, your parents will always be proud of you for all that you have done. Gentry’s lyrics make me think of my own faults and how my parents always accepted me for my mistakes and loved and cared me just the same. Being able to make mistakes allowed for me to find my way by myself but knowing I always had my parents support behind me meant the world to me. Personably being able to make a connection to the lyrics makes this song especially meaningful to me. The lyrics inspire me to one day become a parent just like my own. As I’ve grown older, I’ve become more aware of all the sacrifices my parents have made for me. Gentry makes it clear that being a good parent is having the capability of getting over the small errors and looking at the big picture. As a parent it is important to accept your child for who

they are, and my parents have always accepted and loved me for all my faults, errors and mistakes. Gentry’s lyrics allow me to make a connection to my own parents, and therefore, inspire me to become like them.

Montgomery Gentry also reminds us to always be proud of who you are. He says it right in the lyrics, be proud of who you are and the way that things turned out. Gentry says that, “If all you ever really do is the best you can well, you did it man.” His lyrics are inspiring by making the awareness that not everything in life is going to be perfect, however, if you tried your best, you’re on the right path. Gentry’s lyrics are significant to me because he allows for an eye-opening realization. Growing up I often found myself stressing over small events that were out of my own control. I remember the first time I heard this song, this verse especially stuck out to me. I appreciated his words because they made me rethink the way I got on myself over little incidents. From that point on, I began living my life around his verse. The impact of his words on my life created a much happier version of myself. I recognized I may not always be the best version of myself but if I’m trying to get my life on the right track, that is more important than anything else. Montgomery Gentry’s lyrics allowed for growth in my life and therefore have a huge significance to me.

“Something to Be Proud Of” is a motivating piece of art in which creates an influential meaning to many. Montgomery Gentry shows his own views through an original piece of art. His lyrics have an encouraging meaning, relate to his listeners, and reminds everyone to be proud of who they are.


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