Thoughts About Suicide Essay Example

The most deadly obstacle to humans is not a lion, crocodile, Ebola, or the Black Plague it is suicide. Suicide takes countless lives every year. One of the lives still being decided on to take is about a pre adult whom did not know what to do after he had been recently fired from his job. An argument sprung between him and his girlfriend he had decided this was the last straw and made preparations for how and when to try to take his life. However, let us take some steps back and look at what he had done in the past he had also gone through a tough time ,however, this time he was still in school he felt pressure, and he recently had broken up with his girlfriend he had gotten out of school and gone to a bridge where he decided he was going to end it all ,however, he stopped himself in the same way we stop drowning ourselves and try to survive at the last moment no one truly wants to die so when it comes to a point they try to stop themselves. However, jumping off something or drowing oneself is different from as hanging oneself. Back, to his most recent situation he had decided he had enough hanging himself was the new route for him. He had done, it to lifeless with only 5% oxygen in his body he was found by his little sister whom had called their older brother the teen was taken immediately to the hospital where he had yet to wake up lifeless trying to crawl his way back to life moving slightly opening his eyes but not truly coming back to life moving but not really. When, they thought he was moving he was but was not at times it was more of an indication of severe brain damage as he had moved his arms inwards. They did not know this though it had passed a week. He had less than a 7% of surviving he still moved and opened his eyes but by the second week he had less than a 2% of survival. Family gathered around him praying hoping for his well being sister, brother, mother, and girlfriend crying not understanding why he had to leave them why he would do this to himself. He is still in this “vegetable” state of being and has yet to wake up he may wake up in a day, month, year, or he may not wake up at all.

Suicide will have an everlasting grip on society you could compare people who suffer through the mindset of suicide are like grenades waiting to explode ,however, it could be argued that in the book Fault in our stars Hazel believes she is a grenade. Hazel's mother comforts her telling her “You are not a grenade Hazel, not to us”(Green ch.6 pg.98) and then follows it with telling her they would all be sad to see her die. Hazel suffers from cancer and calls herself a grenade ,however, she is not the grenade whom will take her life like suicide she has a disease that takes her life. One could argue if no one would be there to understand her like Augustus Waters and her mother she may have chosen the route of suicide after letting everything build up she didn’t like talking to others and prefered to do many things alone. This shows people who are currently suffering from the mindset of wanting to take their lives can be stopped if they are understood and comforted. Suicide, answers, or solutions are there any ways we can stop this horrific mindset a solution should be found, however, not for myself but for the wellbeing of humanity. We bring ourselves to this point because we do not talk about our troubles and communicate how we feel. However, it is not them who are at fault themselves it is also the fault of those around them who choose to ignore them or ignore their own emotions. Personally there is no one solution to a problem this big and powerful. It is not a disease we can find a cure for nor is it an animal whom is dangerous. We do not truly understand how the brain works. The solution to our problem is embracing what makes us different which is the ability to communicate and write to each other on a different playing field If we can come together and start understanding one another it would not only help ourselves relieve stress, but it would prevent many deaths that involve suicide. However, it is also up to ourselves to look at signs that they are thinking or may try to commit suicide. Is the blame on the people who commit suicide partially but why they decide not to seek help, or they leave it to themselves and try to let the stress build up and ignore it. However too much of anything is bad and too much stress not only can give us diseases but leads to suicide.

One true solution to suicide will never come however solutions on how to fix the problems will, depending on how far they have been in that bad set of mind it could take a long time for them to recover. Suicide is an enitavable problem to any society. A problem that should end for the greater good of humanity.


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