What is Great Leadership Essay Example

Great leadership makes great teams and a good teamwork can achieve a high performance even beyond expectations. To build an excellent team, leaders are required to know team members well and address their strengths and weaknesses to solve problems effeciently. Knowing well employees is needed leaders' awareness, communications and experiences. Besides, team building activities can help leaders to know their members more, especially for new comers. Team buildings often start with ice-breaking or introducing oneself, it helps leaders to know employees' more information such as their distinguished characters and preferences. During the exercise, leaders have more opportunities to communicate with each team member. After knowing personalities of members, leaders need to recognize their strengths and weaknesses as a follow step. Except for leaders' independent insights, team buildings provide a path to assure or broaden the paths to recognize more factors.

Leadership Activities

A mission of team building activities is an epitome of a business goal. When the team completes a mission, each of the members plays different positions and influence others. Observing the whole process, leaders can find hidden capabilities of members. They will probably find that some of engineers were not outstanding before, but these shy engineers acted positively in the team building activities with good leadership.When teams facing issues to solve, leaders should identify the problems first and find proper talents to deal with. Recognizing both strengths and weaknesses of employees means leaders know how to motivate them. Employees contribute their all intelligence and passion when they can exert their strengths. Leaders can decide to choose the member who can solve the specific problem most effectively. On the other hand, if teams suffering communication problems in the team, leaders can identify the problem and create relevant team building activities to overcome. When leaders create a team building activities, they need to clarify the exact issue or problem, then to design an exercise with purpose. Also they need to consider the assumptions and conditions for the acitivity. It will be a good way to let employees learn the problem from the activity and know how to overcome the team problems.


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