Why is it Necessary to Take a Chance Essay Example

In Walter Lippmann’s essay, “taking a chance”,we see a perfect example of just that. In the author’s writings, he lays down his argument about his viewpoints on a certain book he’s reading, by using his critical word choice, along with changing his point of views, he scrutinizes the author which effectively gets his point across about his thoughts of the political novel.

Lippmann employs several effective strategies to promote his viewpoint on the text, one of the main strategies he employed was his incredibly rough and jarring diction. Lippman applies words such as “penetrate” “nightmare” “command” “possessed”, to set the certain tone for his piece, in doing this, Lippmann reveals to the reader how upset this novel makes him feel. Walter Lippmann becomes increasingly dramatic and he utilizes every word to express exactly how it makes him feel, this paints a much deeper picture than using hollow words would have(?). The entire essay contains condemnatory diction which causes the reader to side with Lippmann because of his powerful viewpoint. Donald Trump, who’s quite known for demonstrating the same type of diction in the 2016 election, appeals to this same type of idea. Lippmann also tends to use bigger words along with more educated diction, in doing this it tends to show the reader that he knows the context of what he’s writing about. Lippman also employs a sarcastic tone to show how pompous this author truly acts, by referring to how many teeth he has in his head plus his “high hat”, Lippman shows his obvious tone of condescension toward the unknown author.

Lippman strongly expresses his point of view throughout the essay to address his theme. As the essay starts, Lippman begins on how he’s the one reading the novel as well as how he feels about the author. Immediately we can tell as a reader that the original author views himself as quite high above the rest of us, we conclude this by the way Lipman describes him. Walter Lippmann refers to this political text as “one of those books”, this relates to modern day because we can refer to many different presidential candidates along with politicians as “those guys” and they remarkably relate to how Lippmann describes this author. The words Lippmann paints on the page makes the text incredibly more tangible as he puts himself, and sometimes even the reader, in certain scenarios. By applying words like “we” it draws us all in which causes the reader think further about what the author says. Making it first person, we see all of the emotions that Lippmann goes through, even such descriptive details as “hot and mosquito ridden night” which causes the reader discomfort, alongside Lippmann. Seeing first person point of view, we as readers become close with our author which makes him exceptionally more trusting to an audience. Lippmann then changes the point of view suddenly, consulting the author and possibly even the reader. The author utilizes the word “you”, he does not speak in a shy manner, he demands the author as well as the reader to listen to what he’s saying. Straying away from first person, he becomes considerably more confrontational, almost like he demands answers. Lippmann calls on the readers to “take a chance” through his point of view during the essay.

Lippman clearly states the theme of this essay, to not feel afraid to take a chance and do something rather than to talk about it, unlike our author. By his critical language along with his changing of points of view, Lippman draws the reader into his side of the argument and paints the picture of what the author believes. His tone becomes obvious through his incredibly rough diction and the theme shows vividly through his changing points of view. By doing this, he convinces the reader to not feel afraid to take a chance and quit fearing the thought of feeling wrong.


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