An Analysis of Advertisement Essay

In this poster by Will Bradley, there is a calm woman. Who is advertising Victor Bicycle shop. Will Bradley uses analytic, metachromatic, submissive, spatial indicators and content throughout his poster.

The background of this poster is analytic. The frame of the background is symmetrical. In the frame, there are flowers and leaves. The flowers are bright orange. Some of the flowers are faded or dull orange. The leaves are green. A few leaves fade into a white leaf.

On the top of the foreground, there are orange and black words. The words say, " Victor's Bicycles Overman Wheel Go". Just below the words above the poster lists all the store's locations. Victors bicycles are in Boston, New York, Detroit, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland.

Below the words, towards the middle, there is a calm lady with the orange hair, pale skin, bright pink lipstick and soft brown eyes riding a bike. The women is wearing a long black turtleneck dress. Her bicycle is black and silver. The handles are black so is the body of the bicycle. Just below the handles, the bike is silver. Victor's bicycle shop name is on the bicycle just below the handles of the bike. Victors name is in black letters inside a silver rectangle. The lady's pattern black striped shoes with brown squares are on the pedals of the bicycle. The white woman with white skin is submissive. Her white skin represents her purity and bright orange hair that appeals to men sexually and the fact that it is a woman on a bike it appeals to feminist.

Behind the white pale lady, you see the world. The world is yellowish orange with green spots. This creates depth between the lady. Will Bradley use the world as a spatial indicator. Will Bradley uses metachromatic meaning he uses color for his background and black and white for his foreground. The content of will Bradley's poster was to advertise victor's bicycles shop with a pale submissive lady. Bradley's background is analytic because all the flowers and leaves line up perfectly. The word behind the pale women creates depth which is a spatial indicator. Finally, Will Bradley uses metachromatic which brings the whole poster together. From adding color to going to black and white really made the artwork pop out. It catches the audience attention 2018-06-07 15:49:02

In most states, more than half of public schools start earlier than eight o’clock in the morning, according to a report by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. School principals and school boards have fought with the question of whether high schools should start later. Although others believe lack of sleep is because of teens laziness and not going to bed early enough, this is not true. Adolescents cannot be waking up this early due to their natural sleep patterns and the negative effects it has on our bodies.

In fact, receiving enough sleep is important for students’ emotional and physical health. Sleep deprivation has emotional side effects, such mental illnesses and a weakened attention span. For example, youths who do not obtain enough sleep may become irritable throughout the day. As a result, they could engage in impulsive behaviors which could later lead to consequences in school. Additionally, having enough sleep will benefit the body. Our immune system, blood pressure levels, and the way that the body grows and develops during our teen years will be influenced by the sleeping patterns we have. When a person is suffering from a sleep deficiency, they may often find themselves coming down with colds or fevers more regularly than one who gets a healthy amount of sleep. In the same way, not acquiring enough rest can cause an extreme weight gain or loss.

Accordingly, sleep experts have determined a shift in the circadian rhythms that begin in adolescence. This makes it exceedingly more difficult for teens to fall asleep as early as children and adults. Furthermore, typical teenage sleep cycles begin around 11pm and continue through 8 in the morning. This means that waking up at five or six o’clock so that teens can get ready and get on the bus only allows six or seven hours of sleep at most. According to most sleep experts, youths must be permitted to sleep 9 hours a night. On the contrary, today 3/4 of teen only 8 hours of sleep or less, and over 2/5 get six hours or less.

Likewise, early start times can greatly affect the way the students learn in school every day. Low amounts of sleep can limit your ability to concentrate, listen, and solve everyday problems. In other words, adolescents will not be able to reach their maximum learning capability without enough sleep. As well, the students ought to be getting nearly 8-9 hours of sleep. However, the average teen only receives seven hours of sleep or less.

All in all, later school start times will greatly benefit teens. Many schools have already begun establishing later start times, and we should hope that many more follow in their footsteps. Some have begun seeing an increase in student participation in after school and extracurricular activities. Similarly, they are seeing large and small increases in physical/mental health, graduation rates, and overall student well-being.


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