Child Adoption Essay Example

Child adoption is an important role in someone's life. Adopting a child is a blessing not only to the child, but to the parents too. It's very sad to see the children in a foster home, so if someone adopts a child then that's one less child in a foster home. Anyone can adopt if they meet the requirements that are given. The only way to know what the requirements are, is by calling someone or do some research about it. Anyone can adopt just about anywhere, any face, and even with any disability. It's just a matter of how much one want to pay. Child adoption should not be based off a salary of how much someone makes or how much it cost. It also should not be about the race either. Child adoption is a professional process, it is something that should be taken very seriously. If someone can't have children, then adoption is a great way to go.

How to Adopt a Child

The process to adopt a child could take some time. Whoever is wanting to adopt, must do some research on it first. If I was wanting to adopt, I wouldn't just sign the papers without knowing all the information that someone needs to know. Next, find an agency that would be good to use. Then gather dates and times that would be necessary to go and meet the child. Before going to visit the agency or whoever will be being used, do a background check to make sure, and see who is qualified for the adoption process. Beginning to search for a child is the next step. This would probably be the hardest step anyone could ever go through because all of the different children that are available and looking for a certain child that would fit in their family the best. After they find the right child, agencies transfer information, and plan exact dates to meet. When they have met the child several times, they then will pick a date that they are ready for the child to move into their home. They will meet again to finalize the adopt so that the child is considered a part of their family.

"Transracial Adoption and Foster Care Placement", explores black child welfare workers' perception of transracial adoption and foster care placement. It was published by Jan Carter Black in 2002. If a white family wanted to adopt a black child, I think its their choice because they have the option to adopt whatever race they want. Adoption of a different race should not be a problem to anyone, because adopting a child is a blessing to the child and the family. Jan Carter Black explains the position of Transracial Adoption. Black Children were disproportionately represented in and out-of- home placement. White families were being denied the opportunity to adopt children of color. There were more black children in foster care than whites. Eventually people tried to make it where white families could not adopt black children as easy.This is what's wrong with today's society, black and whites can't get along. If someone is taking the responsibility to adopt a child of their own, then I think they have the write to adopt whatever race they want to. We are all equal no matter our color so therefore we should have the same rights for anything else in the world today. Adoption of a different race should not be a problem to anyone, because adoption is a blessing to the child and the family.

The Problem With Adoption a Child

A big problem with today's child adoption is transracial adoption. Anyone who adopts a child is a blessing because they volunteered to give a child a happy and better life with a mother and father figure. John Carter Black reviews that:

In 1999, approximately 568,000 children were in foster care nationwide; an estimated 118,00 of these children were waiting to be adopted. More than 187,000 children remain in the foster care system for 3-5 years or more. In 2001, funding for foster care was $5.1 billion and $1.2 billion for adoption assistance program.

In 1985, among Virginia's approximately 500 children legally free for adoption, 27 children were identified by the Virginia Adoption Resource Exchange as developmentally disabled. Their problems included rebral palsy, seizures, mental retardation, orthopedic disabilities, learning disability, speech impairments, emotional disturbance, blindness, deafness, and multiple disabilities. If young teens or even their family would actually step up and take care of their children then there would be less children in foster care. If someone wants to adopt a different race, then let them. They want to help that child and bring them into their family no matter if he or she looks exactly like their family or not. Adopting of another race could be an experience just because different races live differently. They have been without a family so they may not know how to react at first. But we are all humans and we all sin. We don't need to judge a child by their color.

Children With Disabilities

Adopting a child with a disability is a very important thing to do. A child with a disability could take a lot of someone's time. It could also cost someone some money too depending on the disability that they have. A long time ago parents that adopted a child with a disability was awarded a grant to help out with what their child needed. There are over 100,000 children with a disability waiting to be adopted. Children that have disabilities are usually harder to place in a permanent home, but there are many families out there that will except them. In 1990, Jane S. Wimmer said, "The intensive and extensive time required to recruit a family for the adoption of a developmentally disabled child and specialized supportive service needed to complete adoption." Children with a disability are very different and special in their own way. No one can treat them or discipline them like a normal child. Jane S. Wimmer quotes, "Some problems within the social service delivery system were identified. The biographical sketches of children were short and unclear in describing disabilities."

To the couples that can't have kids, adoption is a great thing for them. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "6 percent of married women between the ages of 15 to 44 in the United States are infertile." To some people, adoption is something they really have to think about if they want to have a family. I know this is probably hard because most people's first choice is not going to be adoption.

Adopting a child is a important role in someone's life. Adopting is kind of a long process because if it wasn't a long process than anyone could adopt a child and then decide they don't want the child. That's also why agencies do a background check on the parents to see if they think they would be good parents and can afford to pay for the child. Adopting a child shouldn't matter about the race of the child, if that child has a disability, or the price that you have to pay. Adoption is sad but also a blessing to other. It's sad because the birth mother and father gave the child up, but it's also a good thing for the families that can't have children but they want them. That is way child adoption is a professional process and is something that should be taken seriously by everyone.


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