Classrooms for Children with Special Needs Essay Example

The understanding of life at a young age, is a huge misconception for most growing up. Getting to experience how life is lived from different perspectives is, needless to say, an eye opener. Developing multiple perspectives outside of the habitual, first handedly, is remarkable. When observing the special needs classroom at Paris High School; the feeling of stress filling the perimeter and the distinct smell of body odor are a few of many things constantly going on. As a typical person, expecting the unexpected is a fair to say, a piece of true wisdom. To say this is the same for a special needs person is far from the truth.

Every day when coming into this class at last hour, there was always something unexpected going to happen. Usually the kids were assigned the same assignments repeatedly so there was not much to observe most days. Most days the assignments would consist of basic task such as folding clothes, doing dishes, counting, adding etc. No matter the age of the child the task normally doesn’t differ much. Some might just have a more advanced version of the task. Even though the work was the same every day that does not mean they did it as told.

If the children were not doing their centers which are the basic task, they accomplish day to day. Then they were in physical therapy, which was not a crowd favorite amongst them all. Seeing a child go through physical pain makes it hard to contain mellowness but needed for them to complete the task. Walls covered in posters of motivational quotes seem pointless considering half of the students cannot read them is also reassuring in its own unique way of encouragement. To complete the exercise and having the capability of reading the poster one day. Serving two purposes, the posters covering the walls are just one example of many things that have multiple learning approaches in the classroom.

It’s was difficult most of the time to stay focused on observations because it was so loud in the room constantly. Some of the children became overly excited when they completed their centers. Others yell because of frustration of not being able to do their physical therapy. Most, not wanting to do their work or physical therapy would just run around the room and try to get attention from one of the teachers or nurses in the room. Getting used to the smell of sweat was a must. Not because the children were nasty, but because since they were challenged in life, they were not able to be as physical or even walk as much as they should. When their bodies were required to do exercise, they were very out of shape as most would say.

People that suffer from learning differences require special care. Things that are of little importance to average people are in demand of learning for others with developmental setbacks. Therefore, children in this class have the best technology and learning programs available. The technology used for learning is like a reward to the students because they think they are just playing a game on an iPad but really, learning. One thing that the children really like doing is sharing their excitement with you. Everything to them, means so much and has so much pureness to it.

Naturally, the environment experienced was one that will never slip remembrance. Seeing the way others learn and the way the world is viewed from dissimilar perspectives is astonishing. Being grateful for what’s giving in the position of life is something deserving of recognition.


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