Everyone changes and matures

"Everyone changes and matures." That's what children are always told, it was what I was told, However I wanted to know how much. How much have I matured, gotten better at making choices, and how much better I got at picking who to surround myself with.

Being told to "grow up" will always be a saying I demise. When I was a kid, I was told that same saying way too much. Never knowing what they really meant, nor how they wanted me to change. I always tried to be myself, none the less I was a weird, goofy kid who was fascinated with nature, dinosaurs, and all other creatures made up or not. No kid is perfect. No one knows exactly what to do or even if they should do it in the first place. In grade school I didn't get along with one kid, I didn't handle it well I hid from him. It felt like he terrorized me. I ended up calling him names like "stalker" or "creep". In middle school, I was diagnosed with anxiety. This caused me to cry a lot, freak out over tiny details, and not handle being around certain individuals in a mature manner. The people around me would scoff, call names, and walk away. These people were who I believed were friends. Looking back on these things I realized how immature and horridly I handled those situations. However by high school, I got myself back together and learned a thing or two. Now I understand how to handle different situations with only a few bumps along the way.

With all that has changed in maturity levels, there will always be times where I'm childish wanting to go down a slide or watch Disney movies. That hasn't changed in 15 years and because of that, I believe it never will. I don't have to be extremely mature all of the time. I also still love dinosaurs and nature. I'm still goofy and weird. I believe as much as I have changed, I will always be me. No matter what life throws or what others want me to be or think I am, I will never change the things that make me, me.

With that statement, I also believe it's okay to change yourself sometimes. However there's a fine line between changing yourself and growing as a person. I try to only change things that will cause me to grow. For example, I've changed how I handle my anxiety and stress, so I could be happier around the people I care about. I have become more picky about who my friends are, not wanting to have drama or bad influences. I believe the changes I've made in my life are a huge participant into how I grew up and became more mature.

Maybe being told to "grow up" helped me. Made me want to prove to myself that I did it. That I have figured out how to handle my situations maturely, make good, smart decisions with my life, and surround myself who will support me every step of the way as I continue to grow up. Even if life constantly changes there are things that will stay. Each individual has the choice to decide how much of themselves will be put in each category and that's life.


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