My Career Goals Essay Example

My career goals are to find what sets me apart from other photographers, for people to enjoy my work enough to pay me for it and to become a successful photographer, not necessarily talking successful in money but successful in being able to be confident in my own work. I do not expect, I know an education at The Art Institute of Virginia Beach will help me attain my goals because furthering my knowledge on photography and being surrounded by other creatives will help me find what sets my apart from others. Being at school will require me to showcase my work, which will help in figuring out if people enjoy my work enough to talk about it or to pay me for it. Personally my education has always been a top priority for me, so advancing it in my passion will no doubt give me the confidence and knowledge of a successful photographer, which will overall help me become more self aware of my talent and will help me see myself as a successful photographer, not that I'm not without the education but because I am even better with it. I choose my career goals by sitting down and thinking about what I want out of pursuing this career and thinking of what would make me feel successful as a photographer.

My Long Term Career Goals List

I will commit to my education by creating successful habits such as coming to class regularly, interacting with my instructors and classmates and studying as much as I can. Now in order to be committed to my education I had to develop an insatiable hunger for what I want to do most, which is photography. Before I decided to commit to my education in Photography I had to do some research . I researched other photographers and essays that they wrote on how they feel being a photographer, the duties of photographers, the important qualities a photography should acquire and of course the salary of an average photographer.

In 5 years I expect to have my bachelor's in fine arts and possibly considering to further my education in photography while also producing work worthy of being paid for. In 10 years, I expect to be a successful photographer definitely continuing my education in either music photography or photojournalism while producing work still worthy of being paid for but hopefully enjoying being a successful photographer that I worked so diligently to become.

My support system while I'm in school is my family but especially my brother and sister who supports what I do so much even when I don't. They give me the motivation daily to continue to pursue my interest in photography and without them I probably would have never applied to the Art Institute

I value my education because it is one of the most important things to me, you can never learn everything, which makes my education even more valuable to me. We have subjects that we like to learn about and most people don't get the opportunity to further their education in specifically what they enjoy learning, so the fact that I get the opportunity to learn about what I'm most passionate about is something I'm grateful for and therefore has to be valued.


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