My Challenges in a New School Essay Example

What will it be like? Will I make friends? These questions plagued me and there were no clear answers. Travelling with my family from Bangladesh to the United States in 2012 meant that I had to start my life all over again. The first few months were the toughest in school. I was in a new place and school surrounded by people that I barely knew. Living in Bloomfield for the past five years, after growing up in a small village in Bangladesh, I have had many opportunities to experience new things. Those experiences were enjoyable and challenging and demanding. They have had a great impact on my life. I appreciate them because I have learned and grown through them.The first experience that impacted my life when I moved to the US, was language. I could not communicate in English, and so language became a problem. When I came to America, I knew very few words in English and I could barely speak or write. My first experience learning English was challenging and demanding. There were so many words and I knew so few. I remember getting an assignment in history class to write two paragraphs on a particular subject. I thought the subject was easy, but when I went to express myself, I struggled for hours in front of a blank page. I went to the public library to look at magazines, I watched television, I looked at my uncle's newspaper, I looked at websites, listened to CDs all to expand my vocabulary and my pronunciation. With time, I have come to own the language in a way I never thought would be possible. I've worked hard and grown stronger as a person by learning English.

In my experience in Bloomfield High School prepared me in several ways. It taught me basic fundamentals to being a successful student. For instance, turning in any assignments, time management, and communications towards all my teachers. Everything that is essential for college I learned from my prior schooling. I've learned from my mistakes and successes in high school which has made me more aware of my decisions academically. However, I've become a self-starter and in my experiences in school I saw many students do struggle with having to do things on their own and reminding themselves, a lot of high school teachers do forewarn their students about the attribute they'll have to gain in order to survive college with good academic standings. I feel that I was well equipped with these qualities when I came out of high school, and college is where I could challenge myself to learn and grow.

My strong points as a student, I'm a very organized and able to manage the time so well and I'm a quick learner. I love to organized myself ahead of time because I believe it is one of the key to success and achieve goals in college life. I organized my self before school or class because I am at my best when I organized myself in advance. I think my biggest academic challenge will be college writing, reading and time management. I know for facts that college writing is much harder than the high School. One of the main purpose that why I think, I'm not a super academic writer as other students because I doubt myself and not putting my best efforts when is coming to write a essay or any writing assignments. One of the experience that I had in high school during SAT test where I had to write a essay based on a text. I wasn't able to write the whole essay because of the limited time that I had and I'm also not a quick writer and thinkers.

The non-academic challenge that I will face at MSU, is coming to university at least one or two hours before the class start order to find a parking at parking lot that closer to the hall. Also, figured out the things that I need to do during the time when I have no classes. For instance, I have one class start at eight in the morning and my second class don't start until at 3 in afternoon. This is my first year in college and the biggest non academic challenge that I will face is to find the right person to be friends with. I'm willing to spend fifteen and twenty hours per week order to pass this course. I'm very serious about my grades and I don't think anyone can pass a course without studying that including myself. This course is really important for me to complete it successfully because it is one of the required course that i need to pass order to graduate from Montclair State University. In first semester, It will take everything to successful and I have to be ready to work for any courses. I have to spend more times outside of the school and prepared order for me to successful in my first semester.


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