Not All People Can Overcome Poverty Essay Example

I think Manny will not break out of the cycle of poverty and the fact that he won't have more money than his dad ever had. He is scared of people, and really doesn't like to be with people that he doesn't know or really hang out with. He has been beaten up and has been harassed many times, and for some reason he just takes the beating and never fights back. The Garcia brother's have beaten him up many times for reasons that Manny doesn't even know about. Manny's dad has also beaten him up a couple times, because he drunk and didn't know what he was doing to Manny. Manny knows that violent isn't always the best thing for his own health, and for the help of other as well. Manny is afraid of a lot of other things too. He is also mostly scared of being around girls. That's why before he goes to a party full of girls, he talks to himself in the mirror. He tells himself to be a man, and too not be afraid of talking to the girls. He would try to do this, but everytime after this he would know that he would still be afraid of all the ladies at the party. He can never get over his fears, and that is something bad because in order to succeed you must fail, and the fact that your afraid of everything isn't going to help you at all in the long run. He tells himself that he not scared at all, but deep down inside of himself he knows that he's afraid to fight back or talk to the girls. Manny can't control his body when he sees something that he fears such as, his dad, the Garcia brother, and girls. Sometimes, he will show that he isn't afraid and once in a while he won't have that sense of fear when he's near something that makes him afraid. With all of this fear put inside of him, it's like he was meant to be the same way as his dad. He's just not going to a man who is drunk all the time, and tries to hurt his wife and children. This is a very big reason on why I think that Manny will be like his dad, and won't break that cycle that is going through him now. Manny is also a very nice person to other people that he knows. He helps them out, and will do a lot of things for them even if it means that he won't get anything in return. That's just the type of person that Manny is, and sometimes being the nicest person is a also a bad. Sometimes people will try to take advantage of him. People that I know have been burned a couple of times, because people just use them and never talk to them again. People will stomp all over you if you are always too nice, and it's not fair because your trying to help somebody out and they just do that you, It's not right at all, but people are still gonna do it because they actually don't care about you. They are gonna do what's best for them, and only worry about themselves and they will throw you right underneath the bus. This happens to many people, and it's just wrong that people would take advantage of you because your too nice. Manny is only mean to his siblings, and is nice to everyone else. Like the kids that sometimes beat him up, they are going to keep on doing because they know that you aren't going to do anything back towards them. When his sister asks him to babysit Pedi, he says yes. This is a good thing that he is doing. In order to break the cycle, Manny needs to fight back. He needs to stand his ground, and tell people that they can't messa round with him of his family. Nope, Manny doesn't do that because he is too afraid of everything and everyone to do that. This is also another reason why Manny won't break that cycle that is going on in his family, because he isn't willing to put in the time and effort to get over his biggest fears. Manny wants what's best for everybody in his family, but he can't achieve that if has too many fears of things that he shouldn't even have a fear of. I know people that are too afraid to go out there, and do what they need to do in order to succeed. It's very sad, because you know deep down in your heart that they can overcome that certain but they won't try to overcome it. They just let that take them over, and after that you now that they can't do anything because now they are stuck at that point. Some people will be so close to achieve what they need to, but the tiniest things slow them down and they never try to get back up and try to achieve that goal. They just stay in that same position, and never try to go over that little hump that's in their road to success. There are so many people in this world that can be great, if they are willing to put in that time and the work ethic to make their dream a reality. I feel like this is where Manny is at right now in his life, and hopefully it isn't forever, He just needs to get over that little bump in the road, but until then I think he is going to be like his dad.


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