Sample Essay On Why I Want To Go To College

As a high schooler, your guidance counselors always said May 1st is the day you determine where you start your next journey. The months leading up to that day can be very nerve-racking or very exciting for some of you. Some students might question do they have my major or will I be able to afford the tuition? How big of a school do I want? Other students are uneasy about the location or weather for where they plan on spending their next school year. One campus visit may be the sole reason why you chose where you want to attend. Being scared is normal you are not alone. Every single kid that has gone on to college has been sitting in the same chairs you are sitting today. All of them have made a decision about where their next home is going to be. Deciding on a college is one of your first major decisions as an adult. It is very important to remember that wherever you decide you will have a supportive community around you to help you every step of the way. For me, I had the support of my family and my fellow classmates that encouraged me to do what I thought was best for my future. It's your future, you decide on your major and what you want to pursue. It's important to factor is cost, size, and location when making the final decision. Finally, visiting campus is the best way to make your final decision.

Above, you saw how the first stride towards selecting your college was if you can find a program at that specific school. Many colleges offer a wide variety of majors and different programs. Some professions like pharmacy may not be provided at specific institutions. Many schools have better programs for specific majors than others. For instance, I was interested in going to the University of Dayton, but they do not have a nursing program there. Many students have a recruiter that came to their high school that described the programs and majors that were at the university which is very helpful. There are some schools that have special programs for certain majors that other schools do not have. Some of you may be undecided which is okay. Schools have specialized programs for the undecided so they can help you find your path while taking classes to prepare you for whatever you decide to study.

In addition to making sure your college has your major it's essential to factor in the cost and how big of a school you want to attend. For some student's financial aid is very important in making the decision on where to attend. Scholarships are also a big factor whether they are for grades or athletics. In state school's tuition are much lower. When I was deciding, my parents told me they would fund my school if I chose one in the state of Ohio. Ordinarily, tuition is based on the type of school you attend. It is very expensive to go to a private school compared to a state school. Private schools tend to give out more money in scholarships because they have more money to offer compared to the state schools. Size is a deciding factor for people. There are kids who went to high school with 800 kids then there are kids that have under 100 students in their graduating class. Many students may want to go to a school where they want to see many familiar faces as they walk through campus. On the other hand, some students want to be able to meet new people every day. Class sizes will depend on the size of the college. Some prefer to have fewer people in their classes, so they have more one on one time with the professor. Some students like the big lectures because they think the professor won't notice if they don't go because there are so many people in the lecture. For me, I picked a school that wasn't too small but wasn't ginormous. Bowling Green is a good size where I can meet new people all the time and my classes are fairly normal size, so I can still have a bunch of time with the professor. Ohio State University is extremely large college and the classes will be very large when you start out as a freshman.

On the other hand, even though the cost is very important the location and weather is a key factor. Every high schooler is different when it comes to distance. Some students prefer to be close to home, so they can go home for the weekend easily or whenever needed. Controversially, other high schoolers feel that they need their independence and want to be far from home and not return home often. There are also students who fall in the middle of the mix. Many schools are not right around the corner or hundreds of miles away. You can find schools that are a good distance away, so you have your freedoms, but also be able to go home and not be extremely far. Personally, I wanted to be far enough to where my parents wouldn't be able to come to drop by whenever they pleased. I chose Bowling Green because it is two hours away. Ohio University was too far from home. On the other hand, John Carroll was too close I can easily drive home if necessary and not be in a car all day. Most people prefer not to sit in a car for half a day to drive home to just turn around to drive another half day. Distance is not the only factor in location. The location also involves area surrounding the campus. Some students prefer to live in the city because they like the activity that is going around in the town. Some people want to be in the middle of nowhere, so they can focus on their education and not get distracted by events going around in the community. There are also colleges that are not a huge city, but they aren't in the middle of nowhere. The University of Cincinnati is in the center of a major city, which appeals to some students. For me, I didn't like the fact that I was in the middle of a large city because I don't like traffic. There are many advantages to being in a larger city because there will be many more job opportunities for students when on campus. Miami University is a very remote college where there are not many options for you to choose from. Weather can be a factor for some people. Some students want to go south to get away from some of the cold weather. Others believe that the weather won't factor into their decision. I am from Cleveland, Ohio where we get a massive amount of snow. I would have a foot of snow in one night and still have to get up and go to school in the weather. It was always so cold, but that is what I was used to so Bowling Green was a little bit of a change for me. Bowling Green does not get an immense amount of snow here. It is still very cold here but that does not bother me because I am used to the much colder weather.

People always talk about how they felt when they first stepped on the campus where they planned on spending the next four years of their education. When you first visit the campus, there are many emotions running through your mind. Many students are nervous because they think that the campus is so big they are worried that they will get lost. Others are excited to see the different aspects of the campus in person instead of looking at pictures. When I first stepped on campus I thought that this could potentially be my new home. The people that greeted me directly when I got out of my car were so generous and personable. When I was on a college visit for Ohio University they were very boring and didn't even ask name or major. It was nice knowing that they grouped you by major so they can put you in groups with people who you would spend classes within the years to come.

In conclusion, there are many factors, including cost, size, location, weather, and campus visit. Don't stress you're in high school there are many people around you to support you in the process. Everyone who has gone to college has been in the same position you are in. Finding the perfect fit may not always be easy, but you can do it. Don't make your decision based on what other people want it's your future, you can decide where the future. Next year, your life is going to be very different in college. It is ideal to make sure you factor everything in your decision so that you fulfill all your goals for the future.


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