The Analysis of Personality Essay Example

A personality is made up of traits that characterize people as who they are. Different traits that may be used to characterize and describe one thing may also be used to describe a variety of other things. My personality and aspects of it are similar to those of sailboats. Despite the fact that sailboats and I appear to be very different, in many ways a sailboat personifies my personality and the different features of it. Adaptability, the ability to withstand obstacles, and social needs are three similarities sailboats and I have in common.

Adaptability is the first similarity between sailboats and me. Sailboats can be seen on lakes, rivers, and oceans, and each of these bodies of water has different conditions. Whether the body of water has rough waves, no waves, strong winds or no winds sailboats are able to adjust themselves to better handle and adapt to the certain conditions. Just like sailboats can adapt to different conditions on the water, I can adapt to different situations in my life. Whether a spontaneous change occurs or I am in a situation I was not prepared for, I can adapt and become better adjusted to what is going on. Everyday at school I switch teachers and subjects, so I must adapt to the new material of every subject and to the different expectations of my teachers. Or, if I forget about a test I have, I will adapt to this stressful situation and study. Instead of just doing what I was before, I will change what I was previously doing to better deal with the situation and to help myself succeed. If sailboats could not handle the different water conditions they would not be able sail or stay afloat. Similarly, I know when I have to change what I am doing to adapt better to what is going on and to my surroundings. Being adaptable is important to me because it makes me observe what is around me and how to act depending on what I observe. Adaptability also causes me to notice my actions and decide if they are really the most appropriate for the situation I am in. Overall, adaptability is an important ability both sailboats and I possess.

The ability to withstand obstacles is the second shared similarity between sailboats and me. A sailboat is made with strong wood, ropes, and sails. Being made out of such strong material means that sailboats are capable of withstanding harsh conditions. Ranging from a storm to strong winds a sailboat can handle the treacherous conditions it may encounter. Likewise, I am also able to handle obstacles that I am faced with. Being in high school means having an overload of tests, quizzes, and homework to complete or study for. With this large workload and sports, I am left with little time to complete it all. Despite not having enough time I will not give up, but rather I will push through the stress and complete the work even if it means going to bed late or waking up early. Also, if I am in a game and am not playing well I will not quit playing, but rather I will play even harder and will motivate myself to do better than before. Being able to withstand hardships makes me a stronger and more independent person. By being able to handle my own problems I rely on myself and do not depend on someone else to fix my problems. Also, by pushing through obstacles I see how much I can handle and how strong I am, and by consistently persevering I become stronger every time. If sailboats could not last in the rough conditions they encounter they would eventually sink. If I could not handle the stress and challenges I am faced with I would be very stressed and would not be able to do anything on my own, but would be completely reliant on others to do things for me. Persevering through obstacles is a valuable skill sailboats and I both contain and need in order to continue on our paths.

Finally, sailboats and I both relate in our social needs. In order for a sailboat to fulfill its purpose of sailing it needs a person or people to help it. Without someone else a sailboat could not properly sail and would be boring therefore no one would enjoy the ride it has to offer. Both sailboats and I are alike in that we are both social and enjoy having people to share life with. I would rather spend time hanging out with my friends or family than just being by myself. Without people I would be bored and would run out of ideas to amuse myself with. But with so many wonderful people in my life I do not have to worry about this. Whenever I am with my friends or family there is always something to laugh or smile about and the times we are together are never dull. Without having people to enjoy life’s moments with there are no unforgettable memories to cherish and remember. Without people a sailboat would have no idea as to where or in what direction it should sail, so by having people on board the sailboat finally can sail in the proper direction. Sometimes I also get stuck and do not know what to do, however, when I feel like this my friends and family help clear my mind and help me realize what I need to do. Ultimately, both sailboats and I can appreciate spending and enjoying time with people.

Through being able to adjust to different situations, push through hardships, and being social, sailboats and I are very similar. At a first glance we may not seem similar at all, but with deeper analysis sailboats and I share a variety of similarities that typically would not be thought of. By comparing yourself to something else you not only learn more about the other thing but you also learn more about yourself and who you truly are. Through the analysis of the shared similarities you develop a deeper understand for your own self and the different things that are important and shape your life. Also, by comparing aspects of you to something else you realize how quick to judge people are. Because no one thinks about the aspects of someone or something else that are valuable to them, we assume that we are not similar to them when in reality we are. Conclusively, when we compare ourselves to something else we truly learn more about ourselves and about the many similarities we share.


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