The Influence of Visual Arts Essay Example

The article “The influence of visual arts education on children with ASD” published in 2018 is what I based my assignment on. In this article it discusses the effects of visual arts on a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ASD is a disability in development that affects how a person communicates and relates to people around them. (2) A group of individuals conducted a study on a thirteen-year old male student with ASD. The main intent of this research was to see if visual arts lessons can enhance the learning capabilities of child at a more effective rate by giving the student art assignments. For an example the research team’s linear studies lesson plan, conducted the student to draw lines between designated point and forming shapes. The main goal of this lesson plan was to develop attention skills and improve hand eye co -ordination.

(3) In High School I had an opportunity to sit in a 5th grade special education classroom, I loved it. I enjoyed interacting with the kids and got to really know a few individuals. In-order to master or greatly improve on ones academically weak point requires practice. I for an example cannot do 20 pull ups, I countlessly workout my arms at the gym and I practice correct pull up form. I practice these things so that I can improve on my pull ups. The assignments may have looked to be just normal ordinary school work to the children but had a greater purpose behind it. It helped enhanced the areas in which most children with ASD have a little more problems with than a child with no disorder. The Assignments given to the students help with eye coordination, help developed attention and listening skills. Majority of the assignment I felt had the most impact on the students was indeed Art related activities.

(4) I have been thinking about going into the education world as a teacher, a Special Education teacher to be exact. I feel that reading this article gave me more knowledge on what type of assignments work best for children with special needs in-order to enhance their learning capabilities. In the article the findings that were found at the end of the research surprised me. It had a great improvement not only in the classroom but at home as well. Not only were the students grades not a problem anymore but also the student’s behavior problems were not mention in the classroom anymore. I feel that leaning towards the assignments that were used in the research could greatly benefit myself and especially the students if I do indeed become a special education teacher.

(5) 1. How would the outcome of this research turned out if the research team gathered a group of 50 children with ASD to conduct the research on? I am curious to know how many of the children would have shown positive results, to get a better feel if visual arts really in fact have an impact on children with ASD.

2.This research was based on a thirteen-year old child. Would the outcome of this research would have been different if it was conducted with a Seventeen-year old child with ASD?


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