Everybody has traits that set them aside from others and cause them to be unique. Being in college, I have met a multitude of interesting people who are profoundly diverse in appearance, personality, and personal interests. With all of the varieties of people I have met, I have only met one person who shares the same quirks that I do that are not as prevalent in the people we know. I feel that I am fairly mundane and do not do a great deal of different and interesting things than a lot of average people, but there are a few characteristics that separate myself from others in this area. Listening to Latin music, drinking pickle juice from the jar, and limiting social media use are all actions I actively participate in outside the normal realm of people around me.

It is rare that an average Caucasian individual who does not speak Spanish would listen to Latin music. Around three years ago, my boyfriend, who is Columbian, introduced me to his culture. I had no idea about the Spanish culture or the Latin music that is played. Important people in my life, almost my family, all speak Spanish fluently as their first language. I used to listen to the music my family listened to, like country and pop, but over the past few years, I have opened my mind and taken into consideration different kinds of music. Listening to these specific songs started by playing it in the car a few times, but bt hearing the difference in styles of music based on the artists geographic location is what got me interested in listening to these songs. There are so many accents and different variations of Spanish and even Portuguese that is extremely fascinating. An interest of mine is to try and learn the basics of different languages and the background or history of their traditions, but because of the fact that my boyfriend is Colombian I became more curious about that specific language. I do not speak Spanish even though I have been learning, but for the most part, I understand it when hearing others speak or sing in songs. Some of my favorite Spanish music genres are Reggaeton, Colombian, and Latin pop and my preferred artists in these genres are J Balvin, Maluma, and Ozuna. Even though I do not know all of the translations from Spanish to English, I can still sing along to the songs. Just because I do not speak the language does not mean I cannot appreciate the language and culture, and now I rarely listen to any other types of music.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was obsessed with eating pickles and drinking the juice straight from the jar. My mom and I would watch television together and would have a glass of pickle juice with two or three pickles plopped inside. When I was young, I drank it only because I enjoyed the taste, but now I drink it for nutritional and physical reasons. Pickle juice is great for alleviating muscle tightness and cramping which is especially helpful for after a workout. It is better than drinking the same amount in water when trying to help muscle cramps. Some people would think that the sodium in pickle juice would dehydrate you, but it is actually the other way around. The pickle juice helps keep you hydrated faster than with water because it has an electrolyte called sodium, potassium, calcium, and bicarbonate that is lost when you sweat. Specifically, the abundance of sodium and potassium keeps your blood pressure lowered, which is a problem my whole family and I struggle with. It also helps in relieving heartburn symptoms; for some the vinegar makes their heartburn worse, but personally it helps diminish the pain. I drank it so often, my mom's nickname for me that she still uses today is “pickle juice princess”.

Social media has become progressively more prevalent in today's society. People use it for fun, work, education, and in many other ways. Focusing on the entertainment purpose of social media, I personally do not use apps such as instagram, snapchat, and twitter as often as many of my friends and peers. Sometimes I will post something or fiddle with my phone only because of the pressure society put on me to keep everyone up to date on how I am doing. I never feel the need to post something once a day, week, or month to tell my followers what I am up to. I do occasionally like to glance at it and see if there's anything funny or new that I have not seen before, but overall, I spend little time looking at social media. The only time I generally look at my social media is to help me with something going on in my life such as gaining advice on new clothing trends. The main reason I am not a fan of social media is because when I was in middle school and high school, I got bullied and it was always through social media. I hate how easy it is for people to be cowardly and hide behind a screen judging people because they are insecure with themselves. For example, on average I am on my phone for a total of one and a half hours, whereas others my age who use social media more frequently use social media for about four and a half hours total in one day.


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