What is Civilization Essay Example

Civilizations are levels of development where a group of people can live peacefully, but how do we know what qualifies something as a civilization? Many components go into making a civilization, but in this paper, I will tell you about how having a government, writing, language, and religion are key components in making one. Each one of the components contributes in their own way in creating a civilization that functions properly.

Government of Civilization

The first component of making a civilization is having a government. As the population in Ancient Egypt grew there was a need for protection and control. A form of government was also needed to help control food productions, bring people together for larger tasks, and bring order. In Ancient Egypt, a monarchy was the type of government used. The Pharaoh was put in charge and was believed to be a living god on earth. The government was in charge of maintaining a strong army, keeping a backup food supply, and maintaining order. The government of early civilizations is what kept them running smooth.

Writing in Civilization

The second and third components of making a civilization are writing and language. As early civilizations grew, they realized they had to have a way to record what they did. They began by carving small pictures into clay or stone tablets to represent certain things. Used in Mesopotamia, this is called cuneiform. Early civilizations also had to have a form of communication. The Mesopotamians mainly used Sumerian, Akkadian, Amorite, and Aramaic as their primary languages. Civilizations using languages and forms of writing helped them communicate and document what needs to be documented.

Religion of Civilization

The fourth component of making a civilization is religion. Religion was very important in the daily lives of ancient civilizations and influenced them greatly. The Egyptians strongly believed in a higher power and life after death. They practiced polytheism which consisted of rituals and beliefs in more than one god. They also believed that the gods controlled nature and could explain how nature worked. Religion created something for people to share in common, and also helped create a culture within civilizations.

Civilizations require a working government, form of writing, language, and a religion. Without these, the civilizations might not have run as peacefully. Each one of these components created a sense of unity whether it be believing in the same god, or speaking the same language, which is why I think they’re important factors in what makes a civilization.


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