Why Good Vocabulary Is so Important Essay Example

Everyone has something they are prideful in and enjoy knowing that they can do well. For some it may be that they are a star studded athlete that is going to Clemson to play football, for others it may be the fact that they are really good at selling people things. I believe that people can also be good at things inside of bigger groupings, for an example like how a person can be okay at being an actor because they are used to being in front of a camera, but they can’t recite lines to save their life because their memory is terrible. For me I know that I am a skilled writer and speaker because I have such a big vocabulary and know how to effectively use every word I can get to mean something to everyone. In order to show why I am so prideful in my vocabulary I must show you how I got to this point.

As a kid I always wanted to be the smartest in my class. When I moved from Independence in second grade to Shawnee in third grade, I was no longer the smartest kid and I had to compete to be number one. There was this kid in my class named Jessie, he was exceptionally smart in every subject we learned. In order to keep up with him I did everything in my power to make myself smarter. Some nights I would find myself reading the Dictionary from the time I would get off school to the time I would go to sleep. I was consistently in the spelling bee and I would always get second except the one year that I misspelled ammunition. That year really irritated me because I knew I was better than that. However, in the end, all of the studying helped me learn how to portray my words to show what i mean efficiently.

When I was hanging out with my family, as most families do, we were talking about politics. Me and my family have different views because of our values, since I value our economy more and my family values choice more we get into conflicted debates every now and again. This time we were debating over the fact that my grandma believes that we should not have borders. I as usual voiced my opinion because I do not hold back what I think due to the fact I was raised to voice my opinion. I showed my Grandma how open borders would increase the number of drugs we would have in the United States, because countries from Europe and all over the world could now effectively transport drugs into the United States. Due to the fact that, With no borders means there is no way to effectively govern the land. With that she agreed with me causing the tensions at dinner to ease, because normally, our debates get very heated. This is just one of the several times that my word choice and my vocabulary helped me change peoples minds.

Another time I was in a debate for competitive debate at a tournament. This was one of the several debates I have been at, but this time I thought I was going to lose so I decided to bring out my vocabulary. I started using bigger words hoping that maybe if I could have them question what I was saying that I could get them to question their case. That is exactly what I did and it worked very effectively as the judge saw that they did not know that their case of eliminating private schools, would not fix any of the problems with the common core education system and that instead it would create more division within the schools. This helped my partner and I go four and one. However, since there was so many teams debating that day we didn’t place in the top three. I believe that’s what shaped me into being so proud of my vocabulary.

Everything in my life has brought me where I am for a reason. Having a good vocabulary is important and that is why I am so proud of my vocabulary. It makes me reason with people a lot easier and can also make people question themselves when they are not fully aware of what they are talking about. Increasing your vocabulary is something that several people should want to do; with a strong vocabulary you gain a sense of well being and it also helps you describe what you are feeling. This is what has shaped me into who I am in English.


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