World Hunger Essay Example

71.6 billion people in the world are struggling with hunger. 685,830 people in the state of Kentucky deal with the same issue every day. When we think of people struggling with hunger, they typically think of third-world countries, such as Africa. We never seem to realize that hunger is an issue among so many around us. Hunger is never an issue someone should have to cope with. There are ways that not only I could contribute to this problem, but ways that everyone could contribute. Things such as: starting a food drive, being generous to those you see needing help, and promoting awareness of those around you are all ways to contribute to helping those who are afflicted by hunger.

Fighting against hunger is a key priority for America. The most common way to contribute to those who battle hunger every day is to start or donate to a food drive. In order to run a successful food drive, it is substantial to host the event at a popular location, establish a theme to make it simpler for those who are having difficulties with what to bring and stimulate a competition to get more people involved. Locations such as a church, library, grocery store, or even at school are ideal places to organize a food drive. All these places appeal to people from various parts of the city, spreading the word to those all around. Establishing a theme also helps for those who don’t know what to donate. Themes that appeal to those who are donating are canned or packaged foods that collaborate with a holiday, packages of condiments, or by selecting a food to gather multiple of the same food. Making a competition among those donating launches a drive for all competitors to want to win. Competition causes more donations due to all the contestants contributing more to the food drive. Starting a food drive is an easy and effective way to contribute to those who are struggling with hunger.

A man standing on the side of the road with a sign saying, “Will work for food,” or, “Anything helps, God bless.” What do you do? Do you pull over to help the man or do you drive by ignoring him? Most tend to drive by without even a thought to stop. Perhaps that’s why the hunger epidemic keeps increasing. Stopping to speak to someone asking for help takes no more than five minutes. In those five minutes you could change that person’s outlook on their life or even change their outlook on our society as a whole. Almost everyone, including me, can spare a few minutes of time and dollars to help those who need it. A meal at Mcdonalds cost no more than five dollars for a cheeseburger and a drink. At Wendy’s you can get a cheeseburger, fries, chicken nuggets, and a drink for four dollars. Providing someone with a meal not only makes their day better but makes it easier for them to cope and could possibly give them some hope in their day to day struggle.


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