Being a Teenager Essay Example

Becoming a teenager can be good or bad at some times. Some of the good things are getting privileges. Some of the them are staying out later and hanging out with friends longer. Getting a job for making money. Also getting job means you can buy your own stuff like food, drinks, and sometimes a better car. one of the good things about a teenager is getting a phone because you can contact friends, family and you can play games. if you go somewhere with your phone you can see and if they do you can connect. You can also get a car for driving your friends around and to see family when you meet them. The last thing about a car you don't have to change the radio station every time you drive the car. Biening free means you can do whatever you want to do like going to store without asking your parents and you can go to different place if you have your driver's license.

Some of the bad thins about a teenager when you get in trouble you stuff taken away from. Some of the things you get taken away from you is your phone. That is bad because you can't talk you friends and family. One of the worst things about a phone if they have wify you have to connect to the internet and that takes up some time to do. The last thing is when you get it taken away you can't check Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and snapchat to keep your streaks. I think the worst thing about a teenager is going through purity. It sucks because your body stars to change and your life gets a lot harder too. Some teenagers also get braces which are metal stuff that goes on the teeth. School also gets a lot harder and class are longer. Practice is a lot longer which you are a lot more tired than normal and homework gets done later. Paying taxes sucks as teenager because you make not have enough money for that which may make you go homeless.

There are some qualities for both of them. Here are some of the qualities of the bad things Like harder class can you make you smarter and longer practice makes you better at the game. When you get punished you can become more mature and more reasonable about what you do next time and you will get smarter about the choices you make

Here are the good qualities of a teenager. The definition free means you can do what. But when you are free you have to be smart what you want to do with your life. As teenager we can bigger risk than normal. That doesn't take a risk that can harm you or make you get a job and get you ready for the real world.


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