Child Development Essay Example

A child is one of the most incredible and important miracles in the world. I find It very fascinating how a child's mind works. Children's minds are similar to sponges, constantly soaking up new information, observations, and experiences. Multiple factors can determine how a child will develop, for example, their family environment, their school, and even how the child plays. Every child is unique, and how they develop affects how the child will learn and grow up in the future.

Proper Child Development

For the proper child development, I believe important factors need to be taken place. Every person in the child's life has a certain role, from the time they are born to their future. Parents have the role of providing love, care, nurturing, security, confidence building, and fun. In schools, the teacher has the role of making learning enjoyable and beneficial, along with the proper education. These people in the child's life can determine how the child's personality and mindset will adapt. If they're raised in a negative environment, it could affect how well the child will do in their future. Another important, yet not commonly thought of, factor is how the child plays. It's immensely important for children to have creativity, imagination, and emotional strength. By allowing the child to participate in free play, it can positively benefit a healthy mind.

From personal experience, I have a six-year old little brother, named Luke, who I've watched grow up since I was thirteen. It was an amazing experience to be able to study how he began to mature and how fast he gained knowledge. Our family is very close, and we always try to maintain a positive attitude, well discipline, and a positive atmosphere in our home. In result of our family's lifestyle, Luke is a very well mannered, calm, and creative child.

On the negative aspect, I've observed children who have grown up not in the ideal way. Some were raised without a parent, some grew up in an abusive environment, and some were basically raised themselves. Growing up without the care and security that is needed can affect the child emotionally and they're future as an adult. It can cause them to lose confidence, mature slower/faster, not learn as well, lose love for themselves, and affect how they view certain things.

Positive Childhood

In conclusion, positive people and environment is needed for proper child development. How well the child grows up determines on how the child is raised. It is necessary for them to build emotion, imagination, and confidence all in a positive childhood.


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