Essay About Challenges of Life Today

People are faced with little challenges every day. It can be a bad grade or a test they need to study for. However, sometimes it can be as serious as having a whole group of kids trying to kill you. Carver and Ralph both go through many traumatic events during the book that helps them grow as a person and obtain what they want.

Carver killed three of his best friends and now has to adapt to life without them. This is a huge thing for him to have to face and it isn't easy for him. The author writes, “The room dims. I’m tingling. I´ve fallen through ice into frigid black water. I can’t breathe. My heart screams. This is not right. I’m not fine. My vision narrows, as if Iḿ standing in deep in a cave, looking out. Spots form in front of my eyes. The walls are crushing me. I’m gasping. I need air. My heart” (Zentner 36). Carver begins to have panic attacks due to the loss of his three best friends. Carver gets these panic attacks whenever something stressful related to the death of his friends happens. Carver can’t control the panic attacks but they didn’t start happening until his friends died.

Ralph also has to face a lot of difficult situations. He is being hunted by Jack and his group and needs to survive. In the text, it states, “Jack wrenched free and swung at Ralph with his spear” (Golding 177). The boys start to hunt Ralph so he has to find a way to deal with it. Everyone turning against Ralph makes him feel powerless and like he can’t do anything anymore. Jack becomes the new chief and everyone shuts Ralph out, but when they try to kill him with fire is when the officer sees them and rescues them.

Many people have to deal with things that are stressful and inconvenient for them. The way someone deals with these situation leads to the result that is obtained. Carver’s panic attack leads him to seek professional help and eventually got better. Ralph got rescued because of the boys trying to kill him. The way the kids deal with these inconveniences determines what they get out of it.


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