Why do people change their mind, and what causes that to happen? It's not possible to say why people change their minds, because everybody has a different and they want to believe in what they want to. Nor everyone in the world is going to have the same opinion on one certain thing. But, there can be things that people do to persuade people to believe in a certain that they didn’t before.

To get started, I think that people who get peer pressured change their mind a lot. After Galileo had made his discovery, the church was trying to make him change his mind about discovery, and that he should listen to the church. If Galileo had listened to the church, and changed his mind we wouldn’t know any of this stuff that we do now. We could have been believing in a lot of different things about earth and the planets if Galileo had listened to the church. Peer pressure is bad most of the time, because you should trust your instinct. This is a very big reason on why people are persuaded to change their mind.

I think that technology has been a very big impact on the people who have been persuaded to change their mind. For instance, when Galileo had made his famous telescope he changed his mind about the fixed stars, and saw that those were 4 moons instead. That telescope changed his mind about an entire planet. That telescope was enough to change somebody's mind in a matter of seconds. This also changed was the public thought about Jupiter, and also changed the churches mind.

The truth is also reason why people change their mind, because you can’t hide away from the truth. When Galileo was right about the planets, the church isolated him because they knew he was right. Eventually, people started to figure out that Galileo was right, and then the church was making a plan to build him a statue. The statue was never finished, but they did this to forgive Galileo for wrongfully punishing him.

These are just some of the reasons why people are persuaded to change their minds. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, so that’s why some people do and don't change their mind. Only a majority of people will change their mind, if they know for sure that what the believe in is right, or if something else is right and they believe in that.


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