My Cultural Identity Essay Example

A culture is the symbol of the country and it is the soul of the people of what they believe in. The difference between the western and eastern culture demonstrates the diversity of the world. The characteristic and knowledge that will represent the country’s uniqueness and the wisdom from our ancient ancestor. I am Chinese, and my name Wing Si Cheung reveals my ethnicity. Cultural identity is an interesting topic about how our culture will influence our development of identity and character. I never thought about this topic before and this topic will lead me to discover myself more deeply by knowing how my culture will affect the way I behave and making the decision daily.

I was born in Hong Kong SAR, China, and migrant to Macau SAR, China when I was two years old. I spent most of my childhood with my grandparent because my parent needs to work and don't have time to take care of me. This is one of the traditions in China that the grandparent takes care of the grandchildren and the parents will work to earn the living by satisfying their time with the children. It is a memorable experience to live with my grandparent. Whenever I break the rules, they will use the bamboo stick to hit me that let me understand there will be punished if I misbehave. As I grow up, I understand that it is not their responsibility to take care to be and I become more gratitude that they raise me up to become an independent and obedience, young lady. Since I was young, I remember every adult will give me a red pocket which it is my most significant memory of the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Tradition is a custom or belief that has been passed from generation to generation. This festival symbol the blessing from our elderly and honor our ancestor of the culture they pass down. This is the most meaningful tradition because it gathers all the people together and recognize the power will stronger if we stay together.

When I was twelve years old, I immigrant to New York, USA and live with my aunt. In my whole entire life, I live in a mixed culture environment. Macau is a very special location in Asia because it is a mixture of western and eastern culture. It is the first place European arrive in China and colonized by Portuguese at least 400 years, so ninety percent of the school is the Catholic school. Education is one of great influence on the development of character because it taught the student about ethnic and value. My family is traditional in Chinese culture and value on Confucius, but this does not lead me hundred percent to follow the custom. Family and religion is the core of the life and I value my family' tradition which is hard working and do the best in everything and believe in Christianity about the eternal life.

After I immigrated to America, I experience the value of trust. People will support your idea even it is unrealistic, it is a way how they show respect. It is challenging for the first generation immigrant to adopt the new environment because they need to learn the new language and culture. The New York culture let me experience what is the American dream. Your background, religion, race or language will not be a factor to set up your dream, but it becomes the advantage to fulfill your destiny. The value of respect made me proud of a New Yorker. It doesn’t make you feel like you are outside and an open mind to approach new ideas.


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