My Definition of Success Essay Example

My opinion is that success is based on how much personal effort you put into a certain thing. The harder you work for something, the more accomplished you feel after completing it. Success, however, is not the same for everyone. For one person, success may be getting a C in a class they struggled with, because that person worked extremely hard to obtain that grade. Since they put in more effort into that class, they would feel successful when they obtained a C in that class. While on the contrary a different person that struggled with the same class might feel that getting a C wasn't their best. They might feel that if they worked hard enough, they could have mad an A. When the person doesn't reach their goal, no matter how much effort they put into it, they still may not feel successful. Success may also have a little to do with luck. If someone is born into a well-mannered family in a productive environment, then they would go to school feeling pleased about life and work harder to obtain their goals. Therefore, they would be more successful in school, in careers, and in life. While a person born to a troubled family or in a difficult environment might not try as hard in school because school is not their priority. When they go to school, they would be too concerned with life at home to care about school work or grades, leading them into an unsuccessful academics, jobs, or life. So luck does have a little to do with success, but, no matter how challenging a situation may be if someone works hard enough for something and puts enough time and effort into it, they can achieve their goals. This goes back to using effort. Even if a person was born into a challenging environment they could still turn their life around. It would be difficult and require extra effort from them, but their goals are definitely obtainable. However lucky or unlucky you are, you can always turn your life around for the better, but that requires effort. So in my opinion success is made by effort, not by luck.


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