Personal Behavior Essay Example

Personal behaviours are deeply connected to the individual; it is virtually impossible to separate them from personal and professional life. The ego and the necessity for compliments are two natural human behaviours potentialized by our modern society that stimulates individualism and competition. Companies have been struggling with limitations from employees to properly deal with these traits, but by introducing team building exercises, companies have achieved some positive results.

The ego is not actually a new human characteristic, and it has been a philosophical matter for centuries; however, the modern society deals with high levels of this personal trait, mostly as a consequence of the competition. Human beings have a natural necessity for recognition. Acceptance among peers is fundamental to be part of a community and fit the social expectations of the majority. The internal necessity associated with the external pressure of the society enhance the ego. It gets worse when combined to the traditional environment of companies, which usually stimulates employees to highlight their individual achievements, for example by adopting annual evaluation of results. These statistics can be useful for companies in some ways such as finding less productive sectors, but they create even more necessity of labeled contribution: most of employees are more concerned about having clear credits for their contribution than delivering results that effective lead to a final common goal.

Another behaviour that directly affects relationships in companies regards to the exacerbated necessity of the younger generations to be constantly rewarded by their results; therefore, they are not prepared to properly deal with critiques about their work. A possible cause is the exaggerated protection of parents over the last decades that do not allow the children and teenagers being exposed to failures. It is natural and common sense that individuals learn from mistakes, but a considerable amount of adults did not have the chance to fail and learn how to deal with it. Once these youngs become employees, they are not prepared to receive negative feedbacks, creating a complicated scenario in the work environment.

An interesting approach to deal with these behaviours is team building exercises. Largely adopted in companies, they can provide employees (and even employers) unusual perspectives. Looking specific situations on the company environment from another point of view can result in a powerful tool. More than not, managers do not have contact with all contributors; even among peers, it is really common observe small groups due to affinities or similar interests. Team building exercises can promote interaction and if they are properly designed and applied can help to solve some of the problems mentioned above. Making clear that the individual contribution is not relevant if the final goal is not achieved can sound quite obvious, but in the daily routine of companies it is considerable common to find situations like that. Moreover, team building activities expose a person in a relaxed environment to experiences sometimes new; for instance, those not used to receive negative feedbacks can have contact with this essential improvement tool.

In conclusion, personal traits such as the ego and necessity for compliments can be expressive reasons for relationships and productivity problems in companies. These individual behaviours can have roots in the early stages of life, making them complicated to solve. Team building exercises have been presenting positive results since they are properly planned and executed.


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