Screen Teaching Essay Example

Schools today are moving toward technology and away from books for teaching. Using screens for teaching is still evolving in schools. I know my high school has not turned to use screens for teaching, however probably will move to screens related to today’s advanced technology. There are some benefits to learning from a screen, and some from paper. On-screen learning is a new way of teaching, and it can be challenging to people who have a hard time understanding technology. Paper learning may seem easier to some because we are used to learning through a book. So I went and asked a few parents, teacher, and students.

I got a few responses from classmates (Heather Bierwalter and Harrison Reinke). After interviewing Heather and Harrison they came to the determination that online learning, or on a screen is more distracting than learning out of a book. After talking to them I can see how screens can be distracting related to pop-ups, glare from a monitor, and email notifications. When using books classmates can go to a quiet location to study and focus. I spoke with Josh Lundahl, another classmate, and he says that he prefers books, and paper because staring at a screen gives him a headache. Personally when I use screens for studying my eyes get strained and lead to headaches. I also notice when using screens along with having fluorescent lights increases strains on my eyes and leads to headaches.

When talking to my doctor (Kimberly Bigelow Md.) current recommendations is for individuals to have 2 hours maximum in a 24-hour time frame. Using screens for teaching exceeds medical recommendations for screen time. I interviewed my brother (Dale Pratt) and he prefers screens for learning purposes. He stated, “Tablets are easier to carry around than books.” My brother also learns better through games using technology. Games can be used as a learning tool for education by engaging students to challenge themselves. I also enjoyed playing games on-screens however, screen use was limited and used as a privilege.

When having further discussions with classmates, Alex Montcalm brought up the point that not everyone has access to the internet. In order to complete school work assignments and communicate with discussions, the internet needs to be available to complete work. In today’s economy affording internet can be a barrier to some families. With books and paper, this barrier would be removed for these families.

Jane Barrick said, “It is difficult to see what my kids are doing when using screens, and I don’t feel as connected.” The assignments just seem to disappear. Stacey Alto stated, “I prefer book learning because I can highlight information, and make side notes.” When I use books I also do a lot a highlighting, and I use a lot of sticky notes because that’s how I keep myself organized. Stacey also said, “It is easier to flip through pages than to scroll through a screen.” When I spoke to Kyle Pioske also agreed it’s easier to flip through pages than to scroll through screens. Stacey (who works with high-risk families) stated, “When it comes getting a driver’s license the manual is only available online placing a barrier for these families to obtain, comprehend, and understand the required information to pass the test.” Some individuals like Lizzy Provencher and Neona Karwhine do not like learning on a computer and want hands-on learning as this is the most effective learning style for them. So how about people who prefer technology and why?

When with Heather Tomczak (High school teacher) she prefers online education related to her son having difficulties handing paper assignments. Through the use of screens and technology, he can just click to submit his homework. She also likes the convenience of being able to track her son's homework or worry about him turning assignments in. Another person who prefers online learning is Chantel Hudek. She prefers online as it gives her more opportunities and different ways to learn than just reading out of the book. I agree that online learning can give alternative methods for different learning styles. Nicole Parra stated, “I prefer online as I can do it at my own speed.”

After talking to these individuals I can see advantages and disadvantages of screen teaching versus paper. The advantage of online learning includes flexibility, increased opportunities, easy access to information, and different styles of learning. Advantages of using paper include fewer distractions, ability to take notes to better understand, reduces barriers related to internet, and easier for some people to look through. Disadvantages of online screen use include eye strain, distractions, and internet availability. Disadvantages of paper include losing documents, forgetting materials needed, and no instant answers. I have found through talking to these individuals that paper is the preferred way of learning. There were some individuals that preferred online for convenience. After hearing all of their opinions, at this time I still prefer paper learning as it is easier for me to understand and comprehend the material I am learning. I am also ok with on-screen learning because we can not fight the change, we need to adapt to it instead.


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