The American Government Essay Example

Through completing a variety of political surveys while keeping biases in mind, an individual can discover their values on the basis of libertarian versus authoritarian, and conservative versus. liberal. With the analysis of my results on these subjects, their is a clear line drawn of where on the spectrum my beliefs fall, and how that can show a future of my opinions and how they fall in extreme and trivial situations.

Upon the subject of libertarian and authoritarian, the surveys proved I fall more on the scale closer to libertarian. Authoritarians following stricter guidelines behind a high powered government believe more in the control of the individuals in power, with more of a loss in privilege of the individual. Libertarians on the other hand, trust the ability of stability in the sharing of free will, and power to the people in high stakes decisions and important situations. Based on the “Political Compass” survey, I feel toward the southern half of the scale, showing more Libertarian judgements meaning I believe more in the ability of individuals to make their own decisions. Also described as, “believing in the supreme value of each individual, a liberal leftist”, as the survey described the results as. Within the results of “The World’s Smallest Political Quiz” results were slightly more skewed to a centrists, sharing ideology from both Libertarian and Authoritarian or Big Government to create a “middle ground regarding government control of the economy and personal behavior.” Results did fall closer to the Libertarian side, showing the start of a consistency in results, and beliefs among different situational questions. The first quiz organized the questions by categories, with more questions in the categories of world policies, and economical problems, while social and cultural issues were more combined within the end. I believe if the questions had been more equally separated my results would have fallen even closer to the Libertarian ideas. The quizzes, although depending on which, did focus more on specific problems concerning government power, they also discussed the scale of left and right.

Liberals (left) and Conservatives (right) go hand in hand with the argument of libertarian versus authoritarian. Liberals hold a stronger belief in keeping decision making in the hands of the population, and urges the concept to work together as a society. Conservatives on the other hand, choose to follow closer to the traditional governmental orders, with more power in the hands of the select group of leaders. On all three surveys I completed, I feel closer to the outlooks similar to Liberals, seen ultimately in the How Conservative or Liberal are You quiz, receiving 65% Liberal. Within the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, Although I did fall into the centrist category, my results did lean more left (liberal) showing a continuation on the stance of the importance of individual freedom of choice. The description within the quiz states, “Centrists pride themselves on keeping an open mind, tend to oppose "political extremes," and emphasize what they describe as "practical" solutions to problems.” This shows the ability to hold opinions on all levels of the scale, which is one of the most monumental benefits of living in a free country, with an organized government constantly trying to improve conditions for the general population. The final quiz, much like the first, organized the questions into general categories in order to aid the description of results. Within the categories of Social Issues and Ethics I feel drastically to the side of Liberal, because of my beliefs in people rights to do and say what they believe with little boundaries in many cases.

The surveys helped in the assistance of understanding my personal political stance, and although different issues may show different results and opinions, a larger generalization can help people of all ages begin their experience and understanding of the American Government. Through completing some political surveys although keeping biases in mind, I can discover my values on the basis of libertarian versus authoritarian, and conservative versus. liberal.


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