The Importance of Teamwork Essay Example

A strong team equals to the high performance. A successful manager always consider team as whole and try to build strong relationship among the team members as skilled manager know that the quality, characteristics, and the behavior of each member of the team, would not contribute to achieve the task if the team members are not synchronized same as pieces of puzzle.

Effective Teamwork and High Productivity are Good Indications of Positive Attitude

Considering the diversity in the human nature, every individual has different skill set; some may be good in computer operating but not great in logical thinking, logical thinker may not be found good in communication same as other team member. Considering the team members as pieces of puzzles, every member of the team have different qualities, characteristics, and behaviors same as puzzle pieces are different; however, if members of the team are not synchronized with each other, it would be difficult for them to achieve their individual as well as their common goals. Same as if puzzle pieces are not allocated to the right place according their feature, puzzle would remain unsolved. Therefore, it depends on manager how well he or she recognize team members' strengths and weakness and utilize them appropriately according to their suitably.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Managers with clear visibility, would always have their goal set and deadline to achieve; however, they will not be successful if their team members are not working towards their common goal. For example, a manager has been given a task to develop a computer game within given period of time through the team of five person consist of different skill set. Soon he realizes that game development process is not moving forward as each members are working their own without coordinating with each other. In this scenarios, manager should go deep into the problem and analyze each element of the problem which is causing poor relation among team members and resulting into no coordinate. After the detail analysis he might find that the team members are new and thus do know each other's capabilities, characteristics and behavior, it resulted gap between them and ultimately end up with no significant work progress. To build strong connection among team members, manager should create an activity as part of team building excursive which involve every member of team. As a part of activity they would have assigned to complete the task using their own ability and knowledge with help of each other to complete the game successfully within the given time frame. By such activity they would be able to know each other closely and able recognize their strength and weakness while in participating for the common task in activity. This would also bring them more close and built interpersonal relationship which will develop a soft corners for each other and they would be more concerns for their actions and consequences.

Teamwork in the Workplace

In conclusion, once they complete well designed team building activity, they would be able to realize the fact about the work and real cause of poor performance; accordingly they would be encouraged to do appropriate adjustment in their behavior for each other and get synchronize to achieve common goal same as pieces of a puzzle. Ultimately they would be able to understand – unity has power and power has result.


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