The Murderer of Winston Peacock Essay Example

Although some people may believe that Winston Peacock had committed suicide on New Year’s Day, but he in fact was murdered. A plethora of evidence points out reasons why he had committed suicide, strange behavior and surroundings, and objects that may tie into the murder.

Some pieces of evidence provide a possible reason why he was murdered and why he did not commit suicide. Firstly, there are bills and commodities on his desk. A person committing suicide tend to not plan to buy stocks or prepare for their future. A similar mystery like “The Peacock’s Poser” appeared in Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz, in which a character was believed to have committed suicide, but the main protagonist discovered a planner that contained plans for the future. Intrigued by this the main character had managed to discover that the character was in fact murdered and wasn’t just a simple suicide. The bills and commodities on the desk is like the planner in Magpie Murders, both victims had plans for their future which is uncommon for someone planning their own death. Another unique piece of evidence is the fact that Winston Peacock supposedly has a hidden fortune. This would be the perfect motive for the murder because everything in the world usually depends of money; people need money to buy food, water, and other basic necessities. However, with the need of money, comes greed. The murderer of Winston Peacock may had wanted to kill him off and discover his fortune.

More evidence also sticks out like a sore thumb. In specific, the way the corner of the rug had flipped over. People who commit suicide probably wouldn’t consciously flip over their rug for no apparent reason. It is likely that the murderer was looking for the hidden fortune of Winston Peacock and disturbed the rug without meaning to. When people are searching really hard for something, they may not be aware of the other surrounding spaces. Besides the corner of the flipped rug, the fact that the lights were off is another interesting observation. With the lights turned off, surrounding neighbors wouldn’t be able to capture the identity of Winston Peacock’s murderer. Most criminals tend to want to conceal their face and other attributes as a form of wanting to keep hidden and avoiding being caught.

The surroundings aren’t the only thing strange evidence in the photograph. It also appears that Winston Peacock was wearing casual clothes at the time of his death. His outfit seems to suggest that New Year’s day was just another day and he was simply going through his everyday routine. Some suicidal people may want their last day alive to be special, so they may wear more formal clothes. However, Winston Peacock did not which illustrates how he had not planned his death. Also, one can see that his cane was put away near the front entrance. Canes are usually necessary for elderly people to get from place to place easier. Winston Peacock may have used the cane, but then why was it placed neatly away instead of being next to him? This is because he may have used it as a form of self defense while the murderer was attacking him and the murderer put it away to make the scene appear like a peaceful suicide. It is human nature to fight back, and Winston Peacock must’’be done so.

The objects surrounding Winston Peacock may also prove that his death could’ve been a murder. One is the gun placed near his hand. The fact that a gun near a dead body is usually associated to be the cause of the death because guns are common in killing people. However, the gun could’ve been planted like that to throw off suspicion that it was a murder by having people think that everything was a suicide. One sticking piece of evidence that may prove that Winston Peacock could’ve killed himself is his unbroken glasses lying next to him. The likely inference is that he had took his glasses off and held them in his hand when he died. If someone fell face down while wearing glasses, the glasses would’ve broke from being crushed by the head or falling to the ground. Winston Peacock had fallen face down and his glasses weren’t broken which emphasizes that he had not been wearing his glasses when he fell and that his death was not a surprise.


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