The Person I Admire the Most is My Father Essay Example

Sweaty, smelly, breathless and tired. For as long as I remember I have always have a passion for soccer. I love the green fields. The excitement of making a goal, the adrenaline of winning a game and the sadness of loosing some. My passion for soccer did not started with me but because of my Father, it's our dream. As sons and daughters, we are expected to follow our parents footprints. My Father's dreams of becoming a professional soccer player were crushed for him, for many reasons. But our lives forever changed when my dad transformed his life for better.

My Father's parents weren't the parents he deserved to have. His dad's love was similar to a cold breeze during Christmas. Cold, hard, painful at times and there was nothing for him to do to change it. One day, as he tells me. His dad was harming his mom in a way he was used to see but never could do anything about it but anger and hate had overcome it's limit that one day. He believed he could do something about it, he felt like he could be David defeating Goliath. But he was just a 12 year old who could do anything but play soccer and wasn't strong enough as he thought. He got kicked out of the house for trying to defend what he loved the most. But what he loved the most left him down.

Since my Father was little his biggest dream was to become a professional soccer player, and he used to prepare so well for it. He used to play and practice every single day and every chance he got was never wasted. But after him being alone and not having where to go, he used to live with his uncle who taught him many heartless things. His uncle used to be in the military and he prepared him to do the same. My dad changed soccer practices to practice in shooting ranges. He was still able to play professional soccer but didn't have anyone to support him to follow what he most dreamed about. He was trained to be in the military and became one of the most amazing military guys. But his dream never left his heart such as his parents did.

After many bad decisions in the military that my Father made, he made the best decision when he met my mom. He says that since the moment she caught his eyes, he was breathless and nervous. He never thought a person was able to put his world upside down. They got married and my dad became a man of God just like my mother was. After being left behind from his own parents, he found love again many years later with my mom. Just to discover that his passion for soccer never left his heart as well. He knew then his time to shine was over, and all he could do is to commit to a family and work hard for them, showing them the love of God he had experience in his life.

I still remember the day my dad taught me how to handle a ball. I remember the beautiful afternoon, it was such a sunny day and the grass was greener than I had ever seen. Maybe I was too little to remember how old I was, but I do remember the ways he used to hold the ball with his feet and tell me "tricks" to do it the right way. He didn't make me fall in love with soccer. It was a decision I made since that day. Soccer passion was what brought me and my dad together, what connected us. It was a love we both shared since I can remember.

Every single day after practice my dad would always be there to support me. But I will never forget one day while we were practicing together and there was no one in the field but him and I. When everything suddenly stopped moving and birds stopped singing. "Follow my footprints, just like I follow my Father's in heaven". That day I realized that as a son, my dad expected me to follow his footprints. His good decisions. His passion for soccer. Our passion. All I ever wanted to do was to become like my my dad. As every parent, my dad always wants me to one day become better than him.

His life experiences hasn't only shown me that your past doesn't define you, but that following my father's footprints means that one day I will be great as he was, and will become even greater than what he ever wanted to be. Following his footprints means following his dreams and mine, making him proud, become a man I have always want to become. When my dad's life was forever changed, was when my dad was able to leave footprints for me to follow. With his love and support I will become the man I'm designed to be and I will help him find his passion for soccer be alive just like mine. Although, life sometimes can be hard, you are always able to decide what footprints to follow and depends on you to work hard to become better every single day.


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