The Relationships Between Gang Members. A Stereotype Essay Example

In today's society, people will judge you just by how you look and talk based off of other people's actions, before they get to know you. When you stereotype someone, you assume their character and set expectations for them without learning about who they are. These actions give fuel to the fire that is cultural division, which is detrimental to everyone. A prevalent example of this is how gang members are stereotyped to be people who don't care about anyone and don't do anything right in their life. Gang members defy stereotypes put against them daily, whether it be by taking care of a family or looking for guidance to fulfill the role of an absent parent.

Gang Members take care of their own families and the rest of the gang who is like a second family. In the Outsiders, Darry takes the role of a parent for Sodapop and Ponyboy and watches out for the rest of the gang. Darry always leaves the front door unlocked if one of his friends needs somewhere safe to stay, and he takes care of Pony and Soda instead of going to college. Another example of this comes from the article, where Weedy has a son whom he works an honest job to make enough to take care of and set a good example for.

Another way that gang members defy stereotypes is by working an honest job. Instead of stealing, Darry works every day as a roofer to have enough money to take care of Soda and Pony. Soda works at a convenience store to help Darry out even more. Finally, Weedy works at a sportswear store to show his son that he can make money with an honest job and eventually take care of his own family.

Finally, gang members want to have their own parents there to take care of them and discipline them. Since he does not have his father in his life, Weedy looks to the gang to fill the role in his life. Following their death, Ponyboy has a void in his heart from missing their role in his life, which Darry struggles to fill. In attempt to get his parents to discipline him, Bob continues to push their limits; which eventually leads to his death.

Through taking care of a family and wanting a parent in their life, gang members defy stereotypes against them. By stereotyping, we fuel the fire that is cultural division and unjustifiably limit someone’s potential and character. Other people's action should not be what defines us, what defines us should be our personality and character.


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