The Role of Appearance Essay Example

There are many obsessions in the world today. One of those obsessions happens to be appearance. Appearance is one of the biggest obsessions of the world today because of magazines, social media, and culture stressing the importance of the ideal body image.

Magazines show almost the same body image for each sex. With this being said, women are ideally supposed to have the hourglass figure and be a certain height and weight, but they have to look natural while they are doing this. They also should have no blemishes and wear the least amount of makeup as possible to help create this "natural" look. But men kind of have it better, in a sense, the are supposed to be the perfect height and weight, have the perfect amount of muscles, keep facial hair clean, and have no blemishes. Magazines push their personal appearance goals on their readers, which makes people obsessed with looking like that "perfect" 10.

Social media along with magazines have almost the same things with the appearance factor. But, with social media, you have to have the perfect amount of followers meaning you have to have around 1,000 people stare at you all day everyday and to like whatever status your post for the day. It is sad to say that people actually do this and accomplish this goal. Also with social media you need to have an aesthetic look to your profile so that your followers can expect the same type of photo to please them in some way. You also have to be healthy. Social media tends to make people strive they have these people they do not know obsessed with their life.

Culture is also another key factor in appearances being obsessed. Just like social media and magazines you have to be the perfect weight, height, be muscular, and be natural. But there are also some other differences. Clothing is a big part of appearance in culture. Women in the United States typically show as much skin as they possibly can without being seen as indecent. But in the Middle East, the women typically show as little as skin as possible. For men in some countries they wear makeup to cover blemishes. Also in the Middle East, men wear robes.

Magazines, social media, and culture all make a big impact on how appearance is tolerated in the society. All the body images are positive. But, how some people get to the body images is not.


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