Value of Life Essay Example

One snowy day in the winter my sister let my dog roman out go to the restroom. Little did I know that it would change my life forever . When Roman was done he had gone a laid in the snow. My sister had called him in and he did not come. Roman was a german shepherd and he was very well trained. Roman would always come so it was weird that he did not come. My dad had went outside to get him Roman did not move. Roman was sick and was acting weird.

My dad and sister and I had put him in the car to go to the vet. When going to the vet Roman had been whimpering and panting. When we had got there we took roman inside and they asked what was wrong and we told them that he was sick. The vet had took him in the back room and had done a X-ray scan. They had came back with result, the vet said he had a mass pushing on his ribs and eventually it would pop his lungs and he would die. It was the best option to put him down. My sister and I were outside while the vet had told our dad this

Roman was my best friend I loved him so much. My parents had got him one year before i was born, at this time I was 8 he was 9. Roman and I had grown up with each other. When my dad came out and told us what was wrong , Emma (my sister) and I had started to cry. As I went in the room , they brought Roman out and said we can do this and this but the chances of it working were slim. They said or we could put him down and end his suffering which is the best option.

While They had brought Roman, I had got chills in my bones and started crying . Roman had laid on the ground and I laid down with him . I pet him and thought about how what it would be like without him . That was the last time with my best friend and favorite dog. As they took him out of the room I started to cry and said good by Roman. We left the vet and got in the car and all of us cried and we were a sad. That night my sister and I cried all the whole night we cried are self to sleep. It was the worst thing ever to have to put Roman down.

We started to look for dogs at the franklin county animal shelter m a few months later . We had found a couple dog we liked. The one dog that had stood out the most was a boxer bull mix her name was tailspin. We had go back to the shelter a couple day later and had got her out and played with her again. My dad had come pick us from our moms and took use home and as I opened the door. Tailspin had jumped out at me and I was very excited. Me and my sister and dad all wanted to name her jazzm

ind or jazz .

This is a indable moment because it made realize how precious life is . This makes me who I am today because It make me think about the good in the bad . This has helped me in deal with a lot of things that have been bad in my life . A example my grandpa died , he was mentally ill and had sicafarneya . If this had not happened I wouldn't been able to see that his suffering was done.


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