Why People Should Stop Smoking Essay Example

Approximately eight point six million people are affected by serious illness or disease caused by smoking every year (Frieden and Blakeman 1500). As one of the most preventable deaths, why is smoking so prevalent within our society? Several key factors play a role in the mental and physical destruction of those who smoke cigarettes. Also, the advancement in research has allowed many smokers to better understand risk factors that accompany smoking. However, most individuals who smoke continue because of “perceived immunity to the harmful effects [caused by smoking]” (Gawlik et al.). Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals making smoking extremely harmful to the human body. Almost all chemicals found in cigarettes can lead to various cancers, heart disease, and addiction. Therefore, individuals who smoke cigarettes should quit to enjoy a healthy, long life.

One reason an individual should stop smoking cigarettes is that smoking increases the risk of developing various cancers which may hinder a healthy, long life. Research has proven that “cancer is the leading cause of death among smokers” (Frieden and Blakeman 1500). Research has found cigarettes “contain over four thousand chemicals” (Jacobson et al. 344). The Chemicals found in cigarettes are dangerous and harmful to the human body. Tobacco is one of the many toxic chemicals found in cigarettes. Studies prove the extreme danger of inhaling tobacco because tobacco “contains carcinogens that initiate the cancer process” (Trichopoulos et al.). These chemicals affect many parts of the human body including the “oral pharynx, larynx, esophageal, lungs, the acute myeloid, leukemia, stomach, pancreas, kidneys, ureter, colon, bladder, and the cervical” (Frieden and Blakeman 1500). Most of the chemicals found in cigarettes damage a majority of the body’s cells and tissues causing the body to become exposed to developing cancer. The reduction of developing cancer occurs when an individual decides to stop smoking cigarettes. When an individual decides to quit smoking cigarettes the body can regenerate and repair healthy tissues and cells that were damaged. Symptoms that arose from smoking cigarettes may begin to diminish and an individual may not have to face the consequences of developing cancer as one decides to quit smoking. Therefore, one should stop the consumption of cigarettes to have a healthier, longer life.

In addition, individuals should stop smoking because smoking increases the chance of developing heart disease. Heart disease causes blood vessels to become blocked or narrowed depriving the heart of oxygen. Lack of oxygen to the heart creates chest pain (angina), a heart attack, stroke, or irregular heartbeats. Nicotine, carbon monoxide, and oxidant gases, found in cigarettes, are the primary factors that influence the development of heart disease (Jacobson et al. 343). These chemicals can cause severe damage to the lining of the arteries allowing a smoker to become predisposed to heart disease. Nicotine, Carbon monoxide, and oxidant gases with the other chemicals found in cigarettes can increase “heart rate, blood pressure, endothelial and vasomotor dysfunction, blood viscosity [which leads to a lack of oxygen], prothrombotic, and oxidative stress lipid peroxidation” (Jacobson et al. 343). These factors are often referred to as physiological consequences leading to blocked or narrowed blood vessels. Therefore, consequences of heart disease affect the quality of life by causing many health problems to arise with the heart or even death. An individual should stop smoking cigarettes to decrease the chance of developing heart disease and to increase the quality of life.

Finally, individuals should stop smoking because smoking can lead to addiction. An addiction is a dependency to a substance that controls the body by causing an individual to have “a strong desire for use, [inability] to cut down or control use, higher priority for substance use over other activities in life, increased tolerance, and physical withdrawal” (Jacobson et al. 344). Nicotine is a highly addictive property found in tobacco, and according to research “nicotine is one of the most toxic and addicting of all poisons” (“Nicotine”). Individuals who chose to smoke increase the chance of addiction which impedes on their ability in using agency. Due to the addictive nature of nicotine, a cigarette smoker loses his opportunity to choose and act for himself. One of the effects of Nicotine is to increase dopamine which allows one to feel pleasure and happiness (Jacobson et al. 344). The impact of elevated dopamine levels makes quitting extremely difficult due to the physical and physiological addiction. An addiction to anything can be detrimental for the human body and to others. Therefore, a smoker should stop smoking cigarettes to more fully enjoy a healthier life.

Equally important are many counter arguments which arise regarding the harmful physical effects of smoking. An illustration of one opposing view is if a long-term smoker chose to quit smoking, the reduction of cardiovascular disease is not decreased. Fortunately, individuals who quit smoking, whether early or late in life, reduce their chance of developing various cancers that accompany smoking. Over time, the human body provides the ability to heal scared organs due to smoking. Studies show that an individual “who quit[s] smoking after decades of smoking improve their health and their life expectancy” (Frieden and Blakeman 1502). Secondly, some smokers may disagree and state that social smoking will not affect the body’s health. In contrast, social smoking may place individuals at risk to become lifelong smokers. Therefore, the chance of health risks increases. Social smoking is defined “as individuals who do not smoke cigarettes on a daily basis but who smoke in certain social situations on a regular basis” (Gawlik et al.). Lastly, many may argue that if an individual who smokes has a desire to quit smoking, then he or she may be able to easily stop. According to statistics “many people who are serious about quitting make several attempts before they quit for good [and] only 7% of people who try to quit without assistance succeed in stopping for 1 year or longer” (Frieden et al. 1501). Smoking can develop into an addiction which can be extremely hard to overcome. Therefore, individuals who smoke cigarettes should stop smoking to more fully enjoy a healthier, longer life.

Individuals who smoke cigarettes should cease to smoke to more fully enjoy a healthier life. Many individuals smoke cigarettes in today’s society and develop various health problems. Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals which make smoking extremely dangerous and harmful to the human body. The consumption of cigarettes may lead to cancer due to the carcinogens which lead to the breakdown of vital organs. However, when individuals chose to stop smoking the chance of developing the various cancers may be reduced. Chemicals found in cigarettes may lead to increased risk for heart disease. The cessation of smoking allows increased oxygen to the heart because blood vessels become less blocked and narrowed. The effects of nicotine on the brain may cause one to become addicted to cigarettes. However, an individual who decides to quit smoking reduces the chances of developing complications from smoking. Therefore, an individual should stop smoking cigarettes to enjoy a healthier, longer life.


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